Grace Hazel
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1:1 Private Empowerment Mentorship

It’s time to dive deep into yourself and be passionately guided to unravel the unhelpful conditioning that keeps you small. It’s time to fiercely connect to your unique potential, and boldly go where you haven’t been before

I welcome you to get transparent, vulnerable, and open with me…

Through a tailor-made journey I will support you no matter where you are in the world with your unique intention for healing, growth and change. Together we will come to understand and then rewrite the story of what you have experienced thus far so that you can claim your space in the world as a passionate and liberated force of woman-being.

Through 1:1 private empowerment mentorship you will work with me directly for a period of time, focused towards a specific intention(s) for change and growth. You’ll also have contact with me in-between sessions, receive prescribed homeplay to enable you to weave the realisations you receive during our 1:1’s into your life, get loving + intuitive voice notes to guide you towards transformation, and so much more..  

 What can I help with?

As a women’s healing and sexuality witch/mentor I am pretty badass at helping in the following areas:

Move through guilt, shame, grief, and fear surrounding your sex and sexuality
Find sexual confidence
Activate an empowered body image
Resolve traumatic experiences that have impacted your sexual wellbeing
Awaken your orgasmic body and overcoming sexual numbness
Move beyond the mind and dropping into the wisdom of your body, particularly your yoni and womb
Tools to get you out your head and into your body during sex
Navigate, transform and empower your relationships - find deeper intimacy and connection
Reignite your sexual energy and discover what really turns you on
Put a stop disempowering relationship patterns
Explore who you are as a unique sexual being
Accept of all parts of your womanness - including the wild, filthy, and primal
Understand and heal from chronic health conditions, particularly those situated in the vulva, vagina, cervix, and womb
Emotional healing after abortion
Develop your passion into a thriving business + work through what may be holding you back (fear, sabotage, procrastination, the 'safe' options

Vulvodynia healing


Work together with me in a potent 4 - 8 week container

Get ongoing 1:1 video call sessions (more details on those below)

Receive tailor-made homeplay which will propel you into transformation in between video calls

We’ll be in touch throughout so when you feel you’d like extra guidance / support you’ll receive loving + intuitive voice notes from me

Receive relevant resources such as books, articles, courses + discounts to projects, events, and in person 1-1’s I run

Vaginismus Healing


Dive deep into your intention for change

Understand and release old stories, blocks and trauma standing in the way of your self liberation

Find space to safely share and be fully & empathically seen and heard

You’ll learn powerful and empowering tools / techniques to enable you to understand your sexual history and deepen your connection to your sexual energy + pleasure

Be guided to drop into the wisdom of your body, particularly your vulva, vagina, cervix, womb and breasts so that you can gather a deep connection with your deepest source of intuition and feminine power

Receive intuitive “seeing” + witchy guidance from me

Endometriosis Healing


Firstly, click ‘BOOK CONSULTATION’ below

Secondly, choose a date that suits you to chat with me

Thirdly, fill out a short questionnaire to help me to get clear on your ‘why’

We’ll chat for 20 - 25 minutes on your chosen date to discover whether working together is an ideal match

PCOS Healing


I encourage you to take a moment to close your eyes. Feel into the areas of your life which you are ready to transform.

Do you have an intention for working with me? How important is this in your life right now? Are you ready to invest yourself into transformation by working with me? Commitment to yourself is key for positive change.

If your ‘why’ feels strong, fantastic, l simply cannot wait to speak to you.

Unsure? Let’s chat anyway and see if we can uncover your ‘why’ and get clear on an intention that makes your heart beat faster, and your whole body (including your Pussy) tingle.

Vulva Pain


Boy Bye is a powerful online ritual led monthly by me, for anyone, no matter the relationship status or sexual identity, who is ready to let go of past lovers & partners, and in doing that, wishes to call in the openness to receive respectful and loving connection.

Low Libido


Conversations with Pussy is a podcast designed to empower you as a woman to rediscover your innate magic, your sensuality, sexuality, and deep feminine power.

Pain during sex


What if I told you that you could change your whole entire life, simply by listening to your Pussy’s wisdom? You can have an intimate conversation with your pussy every day with my Good Morning Pussy Meditation.

Heart healing

 Do you rejoice in your sexual nature with freedom and joy? Or have you subdued and suppressed your wildness and rawness to please others? Have you dulled your voice down?

Do you dare invite your pleasure back? Do you choose to reclaim your life force?

Spend 7 days deeply devoted and immersed in connection to your greatest source of radical power. Join me and a group of other open hearted, like-minded women, for a week of pussy magic on my retreat in Ibiza. ‘The Temple of Yoni’, co-created by myself and award winning retreat company Chaya is open for booking now.


 PR, Writing, Speaking and Collaboration Invitations 

Crowned by Balance Magazine in their Wellness 100 list as an influencer, disrupter, futurist, activist, and game changer, I have been featured in and written for Vice, Balance Magazine, Grazia UK, Dose Magazine, plus many other forward thinking and creative brands. If you would like to work with me, please contact me on