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Hello, I’m Grace

I’m a women’s healing and sexuality witch/mentor, a female CEO, host of the podcast ‘Conversations with Pussy”, a truth speaking writer, an inspirational speaker, an overcomer of chronic vulva pain, and a devotee to women’s Pussy’s worldwide. I'm on a passionate mission to guide you to take empowered ownership of yourself as a woman-being so that you can vibrantly reclaim your body, sexuality and power in order to radically transform your life.


 You’ve probably gathered that I'm passionate about sexual liberation. Why don’t I tell you why..

For nearly a decade I had a chronic pain condition called vulvodynia. There are different variations of how women experience pussy pain, but for me, it was a little bit like sitting right on top of a roaring fire with my knickers off, enduring a constant burn to my vulva. To make matters even more interesting, every so often I’d experience a shock, something like a ‘lightning bolt’ sensation shooting up from my Vulva and into my Vagina. This was not only very uncomfortable, but, as you can imagine, was an absolute sexual turn off. Sex for me equated to pain.

I spent years trying to get diagnosed. Back then, even specialists had limited knowledge on the condition. Once I finally received a diagnosis I was put on heavy meds, given various creams, and even had the dreaded and highly feared ‘vulvodynia’ operation. After all of that, my poor pussy was still screaming out loud for further healing.

Eventually I gave all of the above up and turned towards my greatest teacher and healer ever: My Pussy. I started a conversation with her, which since then, has not stopped. It became my biggest passion to heal her and in doing so, I’ve not only healed my pussy, I’ve healed and empowered my whole life.

 Through this experience, I know that working with pussy pain for all those years was no mistake. Those years of pain have now translated into my greatest gift, and now I know that my soul’s calling is to work with women worldwide, who are ready to powerfully heal so that they can blaze a trail through their life towards sexual liberation, freethinking relationships, impactful feminine expression, and radical body love. In this way they will be able to live confidently and creatively secure in their own unique essence.


Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Graduate, International School of Temple Arts
Shamanic Womb Awakening Apprentice, The Fountain of Life
Certified Bodyworker
Yoga Teacher
Advanced Theta Healer
Reiki Master
Over 10 years experience healing chronic vulva pain


 Let’s get to know each other better..

Sexuality Coach


Conversations with Pussy is a podcast designed to empower you as a woman to rediscover your innate magic, your sensuality, sexuality, and deep feminine power.

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The Pussy Paper is a weekly collection of real stories about Sex - Womanhood - Pussy - Healing - Magick + everything else raw and unfiltered in between.

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It’s time to dive deep into yourself, be passionately guided to unravel the unhelpful conditioning that keeps you small, fiercely connect to your unique potential, and boldly go where you haven’t been before.

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Crowned by Balance Magazine in their Wellness 100 list as an influencer, disrupter, futurist, activist, and game changer, I have been featured in and written for Vice, Balance Magazine, Grazia UK, Dose Magazine, plus many other forward thinking and creative brands. If you would like to work with me, please contact me on

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