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You have probably already gathered that I'm passionate about Pussy. Let me tell you why..


For around 10 years I had a chronic pain condition called Vulvodynia. There are different variations of how women experience Pussy Pain, but for me, it was a little bit like sitting right on top of a roaring fire with my knickers off, enduring a constant burn. Every so often I’d experience a shock something like a ‘lightening bolt’ sensation shooting up from my Vulva and into my Vagina.

I spent years trying to get diagnosed. Back then, even specialists had limited knowledge on the condition. Once I finally received diagnosis I was put on heavy meds, given various creams, and even had the dreaded, and highly feared ‘vulvodynia’ operation. After all of that, my poor Pussy was still screaming out loud of further healing.

Eventually I gave all of the above up and turned towards my greatest teacher and healer ever: my Pussy. I started a conversation which since, has not stopped. It became my biggest passion to heal her and in doing so, I’ve not only healed my Pussy, I’ve healed and empowered my whole life!

Through this experience, I know that working with Pussy Pain for all those years was no mistake. It has been my greatest gift which translates to my soul’s calling and ambition to spread an Empowered Pussy message throughout the world.

Now what I do is work with women. I see glorious humans 1-1, in groups, in trainings, in retreats, in workshops, and I also write and share my message through this blog, various publications, and social media threads, along with curating 'Conversations with Pussy'.

If you are reading this and feel a YES, please get in touch. Spread the word, join me for a gathering, or perhaps you fancy working 1-1. Together, we can transform from a rooted place, with vibrancy, and wildness.



Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Training, International School of Temple Arts

Shamanic Womb Awakening Apprentice, The Fountain of Life

Certified Bodyworker

Yoga Teacher

Advanced Theta Healer, Bourgeon 

Reiki Master 

Over 10 years experience healing chronic vulva pain 


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Contact me with any questions about 1-1 sessions, collaborations, writing, speaking gigs and media on hello@grace-hazel.com

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