EDITION 1: Sexual Liberation

Image via All Womxn Project

Image via All Womxn Project

Hi Pussy Palz, 

It feels a little a hilarious joke that I chose for the first release of The Pussy Paper to be based around Sexual Liberation, and then a few days later, the space where I actively pushed the most liberation was disabled. Poof. Gone. With only a few words from Instagram summarising that I had violated their terms, and I wouldn’t be getting it back. There was no ‘soz babez’, or ‘here’s a way to appeal’. So just like that, my online presence, and beautiful community had vanished in the blink on an eye.

You can probably tell that I won’t be giving up. When times get tough, just like any British gal might do, she puts on a kettle and concocts a comeback plan. Apart from this British gal is located in Bali, so instead of tea, I chose plant medicine, and in doing so received various downloads communicating that this Instagram situation is the start of something much bigger and better to come. I have now activated a new account, where business will go on as usual. Please support now, and follow me here.

You may well have caught onto the fact that Facebook have very quietly released a new policy. This ol’ fashioned and medieval policy states a crackdown on ‘sex talk’. One which isn’t taking into account the difference of the solicit and suggestive from the creative and the healing.  

It comes as no particular surprise that as a collective shift in consciousness is occurring around sex positivity, in return there comes a backlash. As Betty Dodson said “The powers that be understand that sexual freedom or liberation with any kind of joy means they are losing control”. - Betty Dodson.

This situation reminds me of the Prohibition (not that I was there - gosh imagine how good my genes would be if that were the case). When the powers that be make a ban, society responds, some conforming, but for the wild ones, the rule shakers, the free, instead laugh in the face of that shite, and go underground to do the damn banned thing anyway. Remember how the rave scenes were a game changer in the way society moved? Huge amounts of open minded people gathering together, rebelling against society, freeing their mind with music and pills that opened their heart, forming together tribe, community, and essentially influencing a movement that still lives on today.

Me? I LOVE BREAKING THE RULES, and I hate sitting within the constraints of that which keeps me tame. However it’s all well and good rule breaking on my own, but I require more than me to create change. I’m not asking that you go to an underground rave with me (although wouldn’t that be fun?). However I am asking that you get involved with telling your friends and family about the work I’m doing. Tell them about the Pussy Paper which they can become part of here. Let them know about my new Instagram account which you can find here. Please pop over to the Save our Sex Instagram account which is a place to rally & take action surrounding the sex ban on IG moderated by a group of sex posi folk. Doing alla' this that makes you part of the rebellion. Fun eh?

I’ll love and leave ya' as I direct you towards the latest Conversations with Pussy podcast episode 'Soft Steps into Sexual Liberation'. This one features creative foodie, cookbook author, and intuitive women's health advocate Stacey O’Gorman. We talk into what it means to us to be Sexually Liberated.



Grace Brown