EDITION 2: Heal Your Relationship With Men

Hey Pussy Pals,

Wow, Christmas. I woke up this morning realising that this time last year marks the time that my long term relationship broke apart. I still remember how my heart shattered in the moment I knew that I was losing my best friend. I also remember as shared about this via my Instagram account that I specifically stated that I had no idea what was at the other side of the grief, yet I knew I needed to move through it. Since that point, I have blasted myself into many projects, I have been blessed to meet many new soul friends, I’ve moved my life and business to Bali, and in the process I’ve had inspiring lovers and partners come into my life who I feel deeply grateful for. As I specifically witness the lovers I have crossed paths with with year, I see clearly that I’m here again at Christmas, letting go of a beloved who means the world to me.

I write this to you dear one, because this week’s Pussy Paper focus is ‘healing our relationship with men’. I see right now, that whilst the past year has been on the outside, spectacular, I’ve allowed my inner world to become neglected. I now must return back to the drawing board, and heal my relationship with men. Particularly, my internal man. What do I mean by this? I mean my masculine (check out this podcast for more).

So instead of cracking open my diary this morning to dive deep into my 'to do' list
(my inner man LOVES to do that), I instead drank some cacao, danced, beat ferociously at my drum, I cried, I laughed, I wrote, I cried some more. I spun around in circles so many times that I got dizzy, and by the end, I knew something had shifted.

From today until 28th December, I’m going offline with the intention that by sweetly deactivating my frazzled inner man, I’m allowing him to take a much needed break. By doing this, I welcome in my feminine, and ask that she let’s me feel again. I ask that I feel, so that I can heal. I want to know my heart again. It’s been a very Pussy focused year!

Whatever you may be doing, I wish you the most gorgeous Christmas. I will leave you with the news that the latest Conversations with Pussy podcast episode is now available here. This one features the incredible man, Juan Manuel Burgos from Live to the Fullest. May his sexy Argentinian voice soothe you, and may his words call forth some inner reflection time too.

For those who would like to call in some 2019 focus, I am running an Embodied 2019 Intention Setting ritual on 2nd January. It’s online, so you can take part all from the comfort of your own home. This is an incredible way to crystallise your intentions towards your next steps in this wonderful, confusing, inspiring, and surprising journey called LIFE.

Love to you Pussy Palz.

Speak to you on the other side.

Grace x

Image via The Nude Label

Grace Brown