EDITION 3: Heal From Burnout. Evoke Flow and Inspiration

Hey Pussy Pal,

In this edition of The Pussy Paper I'm not talking about sexuality EXACTLY. I am however addressing a situation I see occurring again and again within my own life, and the majority of my clients. We work really fiery and passionately, and then we burn out. We thrive in our masculine energy (that’s the essence of us which creates our drive, our ambition, our goal smashing and focus) and without equal balance with our feminine essence (she's the one who just likes to be, to flow, to play) we can become anxious and overwhelmed.

For any of you who are returning to work after our transition from 2018 - 2019 whether it be to your own business, or simply the job you give ‘all you got’ to, please take a moment. Instead of firing up, consider some ways to stay balanced and allow your feminine energy to be just as present as your masculine as you go about your days. This will lead to greater enjoyment of life in all areas, including your sex.

The tips below are simply some feels I’ve been having after navigating the above in my own life. This is my truth in this moment, which is totally going to be evolving as I journey this myself through the year.

1. Adopt healthy boundaries. For example, in no way should you be using your mobile phone in bed. In fact, not even in your bedroom. Use an alarm clock. Waking up and filtering your mind with an intoxicating stream of other people's consciousness the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep is a sure fire way to overwhelm your system. The energy of this is masculine, as it alerts our mind. Morning time and night time are precious moments for relaxing and feeling

2. Take time to assess the your life. More specifically, check in with all the places that you are adopting your masculine energy, and all the places you are adopting your feminine. This podcast will assist you to do this. Where can you make space to bring this into balance? What can you let go of that is not serving your internal and emotional world? If you need help seeing this, please email me and I can assist guiding you into clarity through 1-1 session work

3. Feel into getting a coach / mentor. The moment you know you have additional support whilst you navigate any space of overwhelm, it can take the pressure off of having to work it out all on your own. Choose a coach who specialises in working with women, and can allow you to access your feminine power. Of course, I’d suggest myself. However if that doesn’t feel aligned there are many wonder women doing this type of work out there

4. Define where you wish to be going this year. Do this using your intuition and feelings, rather than what you 'think you should be achieving'. This essentially means coming out of your head (masculine) and dropping into your body (feminine). I held a 2.5 hour workshop on setting intentions at the beginning of this week. It's still available for download until the 11pm on Sunday 6th (so get it ASAP) and it will allow you to get a healthy, holistic focus in place

Finally, this week on the Conversations with Pussy podcast, I have my business coach Kay from Startup Creative speaking into Successfully and Holistically Thrive in your Business.


Love. Love. Love 

Grace x

Grace Brown