EDITION 12: Get Yourself A Tantric Sisterhood…

I'm sat in India, slopping a bowl of fruit around with my spoon. I don’t really feel like eating this bloody fruit. In fact, I really need to put that fruit to the side because I totally could vomit with anxiety.

Why the shittin’ nora did I decide to book this trip? I’d much rather get my butt back to cold old England. It’s comfortable there. I know everyone, and for sure they most certainly won’t ask me to do anything scary back at home. What on earth was I thinking going on a ‘sacred sexuality’ retreat? What the fuq do I know about that? Who do I think I am, and why on earth do I always get myself into these types of situations? In about 30 minutes, I’m about to be surrounded by a load of tantric lunatics, and then what? Like, seriously, why am I here again?

That was a glance of a day in the life of me and my brain over a year ago. Before that point, casual nakedness was an issue for me. Intimacy was frightening. And sex.. Gosh, don’t even go there. What a can of worms. Yet underneath of all of that disempowering chat was one voice that seemed to cut to through all the crap. It made me stand up, swing my backpack over my shoulder, and make my way to ‘sex camp’.


Fast forward to 7 days on, and I’m skipping gleefully out of the retreat gates, linking arms with about 5 new bezzies, totally LOLing at life. I’m not quite sure how SO much can change in a week, but by jove it has, and quite frankly, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna keep on getting better here on out.

Grace Brown