EDITION 13: The One And Only Thing You Need To Know About Orgasms

Now here’s a few words on female ejaculation!

This week I had a beautiful gift arrive...
A pink glass dildo.
In the shape of an octopus tentacle.
Her name?
The Sacred Squirter.

Up until this point I hadn’t been partially phased by ejaculation. Sure, I’d heard about it. I’d had deep discussions about it. However, since most of my sexually active life had previously been dedicated to getting my vagina back in working order during the dreaded vulvodynia days, I hadn’t really considered scheduling her in for a squirt.

In tantric teachings, they refer to female ejaculation as ‘amrita’ which basically translates to ‘divine nectar’. Practically looking at ejaculation, it’s a deep activation of the g-spot, which ladies, is the urethral sponge. The liquid that releases from the urethra isn’t urine, and is created via the skene’s gland. When a women ejaculates, it does not necessarily mean orgasm, however it does means she’s incredibly turned on.

Years ago, I experienced my first ever yoni massage. Upon arriving at the practitioners, erm.. office, she announced that she was an expert bringing on ejaculation. At this point I was much more concerned about healing my poor, sore vagina. She said it so adamantly though, so I responded communicating that if ejaculation were to occur then, hey, let’s pop the champagne! After 3 hours, I was left knowing that for sure my g-spot was nowhere near the squirting phase. Additionally my vagina = much more sore.

G-Spots to me are curious things. I feel like we all go round assuming that once found, it’s like a magical button that equates to ORGASMS GLORE. This for myself, and many other women I know, is not the case. Our Yoni holds SO much. It’s our most receptive organ physically and energetically. It holds onto memories from our past experiences on a cellular level. My vagina was in pain for nearly 10 years because I ignored that simple but powerful fact. Instead of addressing her pain as a messenger, I tried to cover her voice with creams, medication and surgical intervention.

Using tools like the Sacred Squirter can allow you to activate your g-spot with awareness, presence, and love, which can bring upon a myriad of release and letting go of old, old, emotion. Held emotional charge in your yoni can create pain, numbness, and in some cases a total shutdown of your sex centre. Using the Sacred Squirter can reach and stimulate spots that just your fingers alone cannot.

So what’s the outcome of holding space for your Yoni to let go of all the crap that does not serve? Well, first of all, hello friend, my name is Grace, I had vulvodynia for nearly 10 years. And now? Well, to my absolute surprise, just a few days ago whilst making love, just like that, niagara falls came crashing from what seemed like the heavens… but in actual fact was emerging from wonderfully happy Pussy.

If you are curious about de-armouring your Yoni, please pop listen to this episode of the Conversations with Pussy podcast.  If you fancy giving the Sacred Squirter a whirl, drop over to this link and tap ‘crystal pleasure”. Use the code PUSSYGRACE for discount.

Grace Brown