Boy Bye Guided Ritual

Boy Bye Guided Ritual


It’s time to let go!

This is a one hour guided audio ritual led by Grace Hazel. It has been designed for you to cut ties and let go of past interactions, lovers and partners, all from the comfort of your own home.

By choosing to download this ritual you will:

  • Learn how to set up a safe container to perform a deep letting go ritual  

  • Be guided into a journey to connect with your heart and sex centre so that you can discover which past lovers are located in your energy field

  • Use a shamanic process led by Grace to emotionally and energetically let go of those who do not serve you

  • Be led through a special meditation journey which will allow you to fully cleanse

  • Find clarity and set intention around the type of lover / relationship you really deserve to have in your life

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After taking part this ritual you may feel free, light and powerful.

Here’s what others who have taken part in the Boy Bye ritual said..

“I never thought I could forgive him, yet when I told him he could leave, all my power rushed back to me, I just stood up, began to walk, and I felt 10 feet tall”

“As I burned the string with the knots I "saw" those connections being released and healed.”

“I was not crashing down or falling apart. It’s easy for me now to claim my energy back”

“I see that I've been using men as distractions from myself far too long and I'm so grateful to have received this profound clarity.”

“I feel I’m learning that my gifts of expression, my connection to my own body, my home, are the pathways to truth and true love.”

Who is guiding this?

Hi. I’m Grace Hazel, and I’m a mega fan of rituals, particularly this one! Throughout my life I have been reminded of the power of acknowledging that when we let go of someone, there is more than simply the physical part of the person that leaves. The essence that is beyond the physical takes time and space to let go, and in turn can stay for years if we do not attend to this piece and consciously say goodbye. It’s my passion after studying womb shamanism and sexual shamanism, along with reiki healing and yoga, to lead others in a grounded way to access empowered states of being.  

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