Grace Hazel

 It’s all about you!

I work with women worldwide, inviting them to let go of frustration, anxiety, stress, pain and imbalance so that they can rediscover their creative genius, access deep pleasure, empower their relationships, and find confidence through sexual intimacy.

Here’s what some of those women said about working with me..

Sex and Intimacy Coach for women

“The place I was in with my attitudes towards sex at the beginning of working with Grace compared to at the end was mind-blowing. Grace gave me some unique and eye opening tools to understand my sexual history and deepen my connection to self pleasure, and 6 weeks I'd forgotten the shame debris I'd gathered from the impact of my last relationship and returned to my sexually curious self. Amazingly shortly after finishing working with Grace I attracted a new partner into my life who celebrates my sexual nature. Coincidence? I think not!”

- Tania Rose Willis, Social Media Video Producer, Actress and Reiki Practitioner. @taniarosereiki

Sex and Intimacy Coach for women

“My work with Grace has been transformative and deeply healing. Grace created space for me to truly listen to my yonis wisdom and create a life guided by my inner knowing. I don’t think it is a coincidence that working with Grace has coincided with me reconnecting with my love of writing and this has seen me fall back into flow with my creativity. Maybe most valuably Grace assisted me in tapping into source and the support and nurturing that is available to me there. I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to experience having space held for me in this intuitive way by Grace and had access to the great healing that was available to me.”

- Caroline, Counsellor and Doula.


“Grace is trailblazing a path to allow us to open this dialogue, gently but powerfully navigating a journey into your most intimate self.”

- Hannah


“I have arrived at a place where loving myself, and receiving that love has shifted my perception. I now feel like I am able to receive love, in all forms, from all around me. The relationship with myself (all the aspects of me) is shifting, and I am able to clearly express myself in even more situations with confidence, because of the deep love that is emanating from within.”

- Adrianna, Reiki master & Restorative Yoga Teacher.

 Working with Grace really shifted my perspective. I was at a frustrating end with relationships and letting anyone in was a painful process. Grace allowed space for me to be vulnerable which allowed me in turn to really tune into the judgements I had placed on myself, and be able to let them go. I can now safely say that I'm ok with showing exactly who I am, even the "bad parts" are now the best parts. This was revolutionary to me, for relationships, sex and loving myself. This has never happened with such ease for me before, but I honestly feel I can approach relationships with a more effortless ease and openness to receiving, which is what I’ve always wanted!  


Prior to working with Grace I didn't realise how quickly I tend to fall into a mundane routine of sex. I feel a lot more in tune now with what I want from sex with another and my own self pleasure. I have also felt a lot more comfortable speaking openly with my partner about our desires and needs. And seeking pleasure in more of the things I do on a daily basis has made me so much more aware and in tune with my desires.


Working with Grace has opened me up to possibility and given me the knowledge that I'm not broken.


Grace and I met a few years back now through an event. I knew the moment I met her she was my kind of Women, she had this incredible vibrancy and energy about her which was so lovely to be around & her yoga classes where fantastic. We stayed in touch and I have followed her journey ever since. I hit a really hard time in my life recently which unfortunately felt like my whole world had been flipped upside down, this, in turn, made me feel super lost within myself. I messaged Grace and asked if I could work with her 1-1 to try and find me again..... Right from the start, I was made to feel super comfortable and relaxed, I was then able to open up and be completely honest of exactly how I was feeling & what had been going on to course this pain. Grace helped me take each day and week at a time. I now feel stronger in my women power and will continue to practice the lessons she taught me forever. I can not recommend working with her enough, no matter what you're going through she really can be the help you to rebuild from the inside out. I will be forever grateful and thankful to have Grace Hazel in my life she is one inspirational & talented Women.


When I started working with Grace I was lost, I felt like I was a child again and my fears were overtaking my life. What I realised was that I needed to love myself fully again. Through working through my fears and anxieties with Grace, I was able to reconnect with my Yoni, I realised how much life force and creativity I expressed and how much fuller I felt. What I loved was how open and supportive Grace is. She is a wonderful being with so much wisdom and light, no judgement. I do not have anything I feel I could have done more or less with, I felt supported and guided so divinely at the right pace and through sitting and working with me at that pace, the best results shined through and how I feel now is BLISS. I feel reconnected to my life force, my happiness, creativity. I feel like I can see and understand things so much clearer now and I can listen to my body and listen to what she needs. Grace helped me on such a deeper level than I had anticipated and I had never expected to feel the way I do now. Grace is a true healer and she will work with you uniquely for your personal needs. Thank you so much grace, I’m so grateful I was guided to your light


Thanks to Grace I went through the most intense and deep emotional clearing I have ever done. I was able to reach, acknowledge and release some of my deepest traumas, ancestral as well as personal. I could not have done this without her loving guidance and encouragement, holding space for me in a way that made me feel both safe and seen. I cannot recommend Grace and her work highly enough.


Working with Grace really helped me to tap into to some deep stuff that I’d been pushing away for years. Grace holds impeccable space and made me feel comfortable and safe from start to finish. I experienced powerful emotional releases and received guidance that really helped me to move forwards in my life and away from stuck and frustrating patterns around sex, confidence, body image and much more.


Grace was so tuned in to me from the word go. She was relaxed and funny and put me at ease straight away. She created a dialogue about such a personal issue that I was feeling a lot of vulnerability around and gave me the language to talk about what I was experiencing. Grace allowed me to explore feelings and emotions from my past without getting too intellectual, it felt very intuitive, immediate and efficient. My vulva pain has now gone as a result of working with Grace.


I came to work with Grace, because I was deeply unhappy and shameful around my sexuality. I had a gut feeling that all of what society had taught me about my relationship with my sex was toxic. Working with Grace has been a huge life altering game changer. She has helped me empower myself, own my Pussy, and body.


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