The Awakening

coming soon

“Become sexually switched on, fiercely feminine, and unleash your connection to your innermost power.”


Imagine yourself living a life where.. 

You are effortlessly in tapped into your sexual, creative, and life force energy.

You’re unapologetically showing up in the world as your unique self, you’re magnetic, you feel sexy, sensual, you’re comfortable in your own skin. Your sex life has taken a turn for the best. You’re updating your vision board every week coz’ it’s just so effortless to flow your desires into reality. You’re not afraid to speak your truth. And most importantly? You know your truth, because you’ve connected to your purpose, and with joy, you’re bringing that forth into the world. 

Your friends are dying to know what you’ve "done" to get that confident glow.

“Is it a new haircut?” they ask.. “Or perhaps it’s a new beauty product?” 

It’s neither. This is not a glow that you can buy. You tip your head back sensually and with radiance respond “I’ve simply unlocked the gateway to my feminine power”.

But that’s not even the best of it..

Your spiritual life has gone through a huge upheaval. You feel a connection to something that feels really magical. But it’s not an elusive force or “god” that is located outside of you - in fact, your “god” or should I say goddess is inside of you, and you gain access to her through your Vagina... 

That's right. I said VAGINA. This powerful force that you own, is located right there in your vagina..  Otherwise known as your Pussy, front bottom, sparkle cave, noonie, down there (said whilst pointing “down there”), or, my personal favourite: YONI. Yoni is the translation from Sanskrit to Sacred Space, Sacred Temple. The ancients had it right. Us women, we own a powerful temple within us, right between below our navel, and a little between our thighs.