Womanhood is a 6 week online experiential journey which will support you in reclaiming your body, your sexuality, your pleasure and your power all from the safety and comfort of your home


In WOMANHOOD you will be guided by Womens Healing and Vagina Expert Grace Hazel, and Feminine Healing Guide Leela Kalyani.

With their combined knowledge they will support you to:

  • Realise your power and create a clear vision so you can manifest the life you truly desire

  • Tap into your innate wisdom by communicating with your body, using it’s knowing as an inner compass to intuitively navigate through life with more ease

  • Remember and honour the women who have come before you in your lineage, illuminating and clearing limiting beliefs and patterning that you may have inherited from them that do not serve your highest good around relationships, love, money, self- worth and beyond so that you can full step into your potency as a woman

  • Confidently express an integrated sexuality that enables you to show up in intimate relationships and experiences with a clear and grounded boundaries, confidence and an ability to express your needs and desires

  • Reclaim your connection to self-pleasure as a practice for self-love, manifestation and deep healing.

  • Embody your most authentic expression of your essence, and in doing so become a catalyst and influencer for change in the lives of those around you