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Boy Bye!


This is a transformational gathering to cut ties and let go of past lovers & partners. 

Connection is beautiful. Sexual connection can be divine. However sometimes interactions can leave us in a funk, throw us off centre and prevent us from moving forward. This can apply to us if were in a 5 year relationship, or even after just one night of passion!

Here’s the thing… when we are choosing to share our sexual energy with a partner who values and respects us, who lives their life consciously, who is on a path of self love and self awareness, we will leave those interactions feeling full & empowered. However, if we choose to sleep with others who do not respect themselves, let alone respect us, this energy merges with our own and stays with us over the days, weeks and even years following on from our interaction. The deeper we go and the longer we spend with a person, the more ingrained their energy becomes with our own. If we don’t clear this, their energy will live within our auric field and create confusion. It can even block us from attracting our ideal partners to us.

You are invited to join Grace Hazel to say with your whole heart “BOY BYE” 👋🏽

In this potent ritual space we will:

* Gather in sacred circle

* Privately remember each & every one of our intimate partners

* Allow all emotion, feeling and rawness arise without judgement

* Move through, release and let go of each partner emotionally and energetically

* Use ritual to give gratitude and fully say goodbye

* Celebrate and call newness & the intention for wholeness into our life

Is this event for you? This is for event is for anyone who wants to let that dude (or woman) GO, and in doing that, wishes to call in the openness to receive respectful and loving connection. 

Date: Wednesday 13th June

Time: 7pm - 10pm

Location: 100 De Beauvoir Rd, Unit 5, London N1 4EN

Price: £38

Any questions? Please get in touch on