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A Celebration of Life - Full Moon Gathering

For eons women have gathered under the beams of the full moon. Many of these ancient gatherings would be in sync with the menstrual cycle. Just as the moon controls the waters of earth's tides, the moon also weaves the essence of our own feminine waters, and our womb blood.

In this gathering we will come together in the old ways so that we can celebrate and honour the ancient ritual of aligning with the moons potency in order to let go of that which does not serve us. When a collective of women bring their energies together in unison under moon light, it cultivates transformational magic. We women are the creatresses of this earth, we dream our world into being. Our feminine nature ebbs and weaves our deepest desires into physical reality with grace and ease. Becoming aware, owning and manifesting our desires regularly allows our life journey to intrinsically unfold before our eyes. When we do not use our visionary gifts to create our future, life simply unfolds and happens. Empowered women choose the experience they wish to live within.

This Full Moon gathering also marks my 30th year on earth. It is a TOTAL joy for me to hold ritual space, so I am excited to invite both new and old friends to come together to not only celebrate my own birth-day, but to honour and remember the past year for ALL of us. To journey into what has been incredible, what has been tough, to remember what has brought forth transformation, what has led to love, pain, hurt, and growth. To remember it all, and find the teachings within our 365 day cycle.

By witnessing our life through it’s cyclical nature in this way, we give space to love, let go and forgive the parts of us which we are ready to be shed, and call in a new dimension of nourishing growth for what is ahead of us.


For the structured part of you, in this gathering we will:

- Gather in circle
- Ritually work with the moons medicine to form a full moon ceremony
- Use guided meditations to tune into the course of our previous year
- Share from our hearts the learning and experiences we have travelled
- Use ritual to let go of anything we no longer feel serves our highest and greatest good
- Use guided meditations to dream a new world into being
- Have space to connect with other like minded humans, and celebrate life

Where and when?

Sunday 26th August, 7pm - 10pm

Blank 100, Location: 100 De Beauvoir Rd, Unit 5, London N1 4EN

Price: £38

Any questions? Please get in touch on


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