Podcast 09: Man up Girl. Why Being a Boss Bitch Could be Killin’ Your Libido  

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In this podcast Grace provides a definition to ‘feminine and masculine’ energy. This phrase is thrown around like cray within the tantra scene and without definition, can create misunderstanding. In this podcast Grace breaks down the term ‘feminine and masculine’ in a grounded fashion, and provides insight into how a growing amount women unknowingly suppress their ‘feminine’, and adopt a predominantly ‘masculine’ way of being, which can lead to chronic health conditions, lack of sexual desire, and a general feeling of imbalance and unease. Grace of course includes a lil’ personal story about how her new favourite way to drop fully into her ‘feminine’ is being tied up by a lover in Japanese Bondage.

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Podcast Music by Makia

Artwork by J Margono

Grace Brown