Podcast 24: I Meant What I Said Whilst I Was PMSing

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For many of us, we have been conditioned to feel that our premenstrual phase is a part of our monthly cycle that is a right ol’ emotional upheaval which we’d very much like to move on from quickly. Something to be passed through swiftly in order to ensure that we don’t inadvertently slay any dragons / bosses / boyfriends / girlfriend / tube commuters. This phase seems to be one that gets a bad rep, and we can find ourselves apologising for what we said when our sensitivity and emotions were heightened. This honey, is bullshit.

In this episode, Grace goes into the reason that it is more than important to take notice to the emotions, triggers and sensitivity that arises before our period, using this an a compass to guide us to understand what is underneath it all to be let go of when our bleed begins.

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Artwork by J Margono

Grace Brown