Podcast 22: Sisterhood. Find Your Team. RISE UP.

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When the going gets tough, the tough can get going with a little help from our friends right?! Although sometimes the things we are facing can be huge, and finding the right circles of powerful cheerleaders can be daunting. Know this… when we are struggling, support is exactly the medicine we need.

That’s why in this podcast, Grace addresses the basics of where to turn when you are looking for some powerful lovin’, tenderness, brightness, and empowering guidance. She covers how to access sister circles and get a lady crew who have your ‘rising up’ at heart, why it’s totally cool to seek professional support, plus loads of other insight all about getting you back on track.

What you seek is seeking you honey, it’s time to get you started in finding your ‘peeps’.

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Podcast Music by Makia

Artwork by J Margono

Grace Brown