Podcast 17: Herbal Pussy Magic. How To Enchant Your Sex Centre With Plant Power

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In this episode Grace invites herbal specialist and magickal witch Odette from Merkababox onto the podcast to discuss how incredible the plants are at activating our sexual and sensual energy.

Together they cover subjects such as using yoni steaming for healing, adaptogens to boost libido, and suggest specific flower scents to activate heart healing and sensual awakening.

This podcast is for those who are a bit witchy at heart, and for anyone who is wishing to build a loving and more connected relationship to their body, specifically their Pussy.

If you would like to find out more about the product box Merkababox and Grace have created, click here. Use the code PUSSYGRACE as you purchase to receive a guided meditation which will lead you into a deep self pleasure ritual.

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Podcast Music by Makia

Artwork by J Margono

Grace Brown