EDITION 9: Embrace your inner lunatic

When I was 17 I experienced for the first time what it was to lose my shit. I had a very clear intuition that my then boyfriend was cheating on me with his ex girlfriend. He of course, denied it. This confusion between my inner knowing, and his claims of innocence created a feeling that I was absolutely going bananas, like I’d gone and totally cracked out. Upon one particularly frazzled occasion, I was driving down a busy road in my hometown with him in the passenger seat. We were having a fiery argument, probably about the fact I knew he was definitely cheating on me. He continuous claims that I was crazy, finally cracked something in me, and I did in fact become crazed. I slammed the breaks down, throttled him with my fists with vicious intent, and yelled him out of the car. He sheepishly disembarked my vehicle, and he was barely out the car as I screeched off in the distance venomously.

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EDITION 8: Yoni Massage Medicine

After holding safe and sacred space for many women, I have embodied powerful tools such as yoni massage to encourage transformation to occur from within. Upon being welcomed inside the sacred temple of another’s yoni, I have been TOTALLY schooled by SHE herself. Cultivating the experiential understanding that a women’s sex centre is interconnected to so much more than the physical and emotional. In fact, it can hold ancient memories which, when given the permission to be heard, come up to the surface to be transmuted. Allowing a transmission of freedom to activate through the entirety of a women’s lineage.

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EDITION 6: Healthy Boundaries For Epic Relationships & Sex

you’ve ever been to Bali, you’ll know very well that there are ‘bali dogs’. I’ve always wanted my own dog, so you can imagine my absolute delight when I stroll on into my new place and there’s not just one, but three. Since they’re Bali dogs, they tend to simply wander around wildly. They check in with you. They check out. Sometimes they wander off for days. Others they are sat on your porch keeping guard from dusk til’ dawn. One dog in particular took a special liking to me. I named him Hyena. He’s an absolute doppelgänger of Ed from The Lion King.

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EDITION 5: Consciously Breaking Up

My First Breakup

My first notable relationship began at 16 and ended at 18. I was a unsteady teen. Unaware of boundaries, with a keen tendency to throw myself into oblivion. When I gave my heart to my first love I did so sweetly and naively. I had an untarnished understanding of what one could do to your raw beating heart. So I laid it out to him on a platter, and gave him everything that I was. My mum once told me as I lay sobbing next to her in her bed ‘when a relationship hurts more than there is happiness, it’s time to leave’. But couldn’t leave. So I continued to give everything I was made up of to this ‘love’, simultaneously losing my mind.

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EDITION 4: Pussy Pain Explained


It’s dark in the room, the night is quiet, the air cool. I blink open my eyes and take in a velvety depth of blackness. It makes no sense that my skin is damp, my hair wet, the sheets underneath me drenched. There is a wild sensation occurring in my vagina. It’s most definitely not pleasant. I suppose this must be what it would feel like to have multiple razor blades lightly cutting through the skin of my vulva. I heave my body from the bed where I lay. As I sit upright the sensation expands, rockets and explodes. Cold sweat is trickling down my bare back. This isn’t right. This isn’t normal.

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EDITION 3: Heal From Burnout. Evoke Flow and Inspiration

In this edition of The Pussy Paper I'm not talking about sexuality EXACTLY. I am however addressing a situation I see occurring again and again within my own life, and the majority of my clients. We work really fiery and passionately, and then we burn out. We thrive in our masculine energy (that’s the essence of us which creates our drive, our ambition, our goal smashing and focus) and without equal balance with our feminine essence (she's the one who just likes to be, to flow, to play) we can become anxious and overwhelmed.

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