Grace Hazel


An awakening journey which combines sexual shamanic healing sessions with a deeply powerful and transformative mentorship programme.

For women who are ready to break through and shine brighter than they ever knew possible. 


The She Woke programme is an 8 - 12 week in person and online guided journey with Grace Hazel which combines sexual shamanic healing, emotional + energetic release and clearing, ritual, subtle ~ sensual ~ physical body activation, yoni massage, heart dearmouring, transformative 1:1 coaching, intuitive body reading, modern sex education, plus so much more.

Grace is pure fire. She guides you to destroy.
To feel. To heal.
To honor your beautiful divinity,
as the wild goddess
you have always been.
— Mercedes

Most of us a totally disconnected from our Yoni.

Due to this, we are experiencing a badly made cocktail, clogged up with suppressed desires and armour we’ve inadvertently created in order to keep us “SAFE”.

  • Self-doubt and insecurity plague our existence

  • There’s an epidemic of not being “good enough”, “worthy enough” or deserving of the life we see other women living

  • We compare. Pinching, prodding, scrolling instagram. Looking for validation outside ourself, and this sucks our energy dry

  • Sensuality and sexuality is all a bit awkward. We’ve grown up being taught that being a sexuality liberated is taboo

  • Shame, guilt and anxiety arises when matters of intimacy are brought up. Our sex life revolves around another persons pleasure 

  • Through the disconnection to our Yoni we’ve become afraid of sex. Being connected to our sexual essence doesn’t conjure up fun and free memories

  • Some women experience total sexual shut down. Turn on levels are at 0%.

  • We can often be found pressing ‘next episode’ on Netflix, hoping that our partner won’t prod us to have sex later

  • Vaginal numbness, pain, tightness, tension, on-going reproductive health issues conditions are life

  • A painful period, regular thrush infections, and absolutely no access to the infamous ‘orgasm’ is just something we’ve assumed might always be a part of our existence

  • Feeling gross in our own skin is common for those disconnected from their Yoni. So is feeling unlovable, undesirable, and not worthy

  • There is an unavoidable taste of dissatisfaction for life. The future is feeling foggy at best, lonely and miserable at worst

  • Relationships with the preferred sex aren’t nourishing. We wonder is intimacy meant to be like this? Surely there’s more?

Can you relate?

Thank you for your divine ritual last night which demonstrated the inner strength of women and the power of sisterhood. I felt my temple and I will be channelling her energy, learning from her and I will respect her boundaries.
— Anonymous

It’s heavy right? I feel you. Why? Because I have totally been ALL of the above.

I get that you’ve tried to shift this funk.

  • You go to yoga, you try to meditate regularly. However neither seem to address your sexuality and feminine expression

  • You’ve taken pills prescribed by a doctor, but frankly they will only numb your connection to your inner most power

  • You’ve invested in therapy, you’ve talked it out, but that isn’t shifting how you feel in your body.

  • You’ve cleaned up your diet and you have more energy, but a good diet doesn’t change a bad relationship with intimacy

  • You’ve worked with a life coach, but since then it’s all gone a bit flat

  • You’ve invested in energy healers and even shaman, but relying on “healing” via another persons is actually taking your power away

  • If your vagina is in a bit of a physical funk, perhaps you’ve worked with a physiotherapist, taken medication, or even had operations. But without an understanding of your conditioning and history this won't support you to change up limiting belief systems and behaviour which keep you separate from your potential

  • You’ve read all the right books and podcasts, you “get” what might help. However you don’t feel ignited or confident enough to put it into practice

All of these things you’ve tried are powerful, but not on their own. What would work is bring all of the best pieces of the above together.


*Note that if you wish to use the money back guarantee please email on Your request will be reviewed by Grace based on course attendance, Facebook group interaction, and other factors which can be discussed if this situation should occur.