Merkababox X Grace Hazel

Merkababox and I are proud to present our first collaboration box

This offering is designed to activate your innate sexual magick and divine feminine wisdom.

A mixture of bespoke and carefully selected items have been created by Medicine Women who are devoted to supporting women.



Super Sexy by Glow Bar - An aphrodisiac blend of adaptogenic superherbs to lift energy and keep you feeling fired up and sexy.

Ceremonial Cacao for Pleasure + Intimacy by The Cacao Club - A Blood Moving, Heart Opening, Tonic for Deep Connection and Sensual Pleasure.

Goddess Drops by Forage Botanicals - Extracts of 4 herbs which are associated with Goddesses; The Virgin Mary, The Nymph Ida, Aphrodite and Artemis. Designed to help you tune into your womb wisdom and divine feminine.

Yoni Steam by Merkababox + Grace Hazel - A divine blend of herbs formulated to support and regulate the natural feminine cycle, and help to heal and detoxify the body.

Bloom Body Oil by Nathalie Bond Organics - A sensual rose oil for intimate breast massage

Exclusive Yoni Pleasure Palace Discount

PLEASURE Tarot Card by Freya Rose - Designed to serve as a reminder that pleasure is your birthright, that all the magick you need is already within you

We are honoured to support you on your journey.