The Awakening

“Become sexually switched on, fiercely feminine, unleash your connection to your innermost power.”

Imagine yourself living a life where.. 

You are effortlessly in tapped into your sexual, creative, and life force energy.

You’re unapologetically showing up in the world as your unique self, you’re magnetic, you feel sexy, sensual, you’re comfortable in your own skin.

Your sex life has taken a turn for the best.

You’re updating your vision board every week coz’ it’s just so effortless to flow your desires into reality.

You’re not afraid to speak your truth. And most importantly? You know your truth, because you’ve connected to your purpose, and with joy, you’re bringing that forth into the world. 

Your friends are dying to know what you’ve "done" to get that confident glow.

“Is it a new haircut?” they ask.. “Or perhaps it’s a new beauty product?” 

It’s neither. This is not a glow that you can buy. You tip your head back sensually and with radiance respond “I’ve simply unlocked the gateway to my feminine power”.

But that’s not even the best of it.. 

The Awakening 2.jpeg

Here's the thing..

Most of us a totally disconnected from our Yoni. Due to this, we are experiencing a badly made cocktail that is deeply clogged up with suppressed desires, horrifyingly thick with the armor we’ve inadvertently created in order to keep us “SAFE”.

Self-doubt, insecurity plague your existence. You’re not sure if you’re “good enough”, “worthy enough” or deserving of the life you see other women living. You compare yourself, pinching, prodding, scrolling instagram. You’re looking for validation outside you, and this sucks your energy dry

Sensuality and sexuality is all a bit awkward. You’ve grown up being taught that to be sexuality liberated as a woman is taboo. Now as an adult, you don’t feel confident, relaxed or comfortable around the subject.

You may even feel the bubbling of shame, guilt, and anxiety when matters of intimacy are brought up. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your sex life revolves around the other persons pleasure. You’ve no idea how to change this. It’s a confusing minefield, and even if you have a bit of a clue, you’re unable to find a voice this to your partner.

You’ve become disconnected or afraid of sex. Being connected to your sexual energy doesn’t bring up fun and free memories for you. In fact, it brings up a truck of painful, disempowered memories which don’t make you fancy making more.

You may be one of the women who is experiencing total sexual shut down. You’ve literally got 0% turn on and can often be found pressing ‘next episode’ on Netflix, shoving carbs into your mouth, wearing the baggiest clothes you can find, hoping that your partner won’t prod you to have sex tonight.

Vaginal numbness, pain, tightness, tension, on-going reproductive health issues conditions are life for you. A painful period, regular thrush infections, and absolutely no access to the infamous ‘orgasm’ is just something you’ve assumed might always be a part of your existence.

You feel gross in your own skin. You look at your body, skin, hair, nails and are very certain that you’re unlovable, undesirable, and not worthy.

You have an unavoidable taste of dissatisfaction for your life. You future is feeling foggy at best, alright at ** and lonely and miserable at

Your relationships with the preferred sex are like a soap opera. Full of drama, trials, tribulations, and toxicity. You’re convinced that the next one will be better, but hey presto, it’s another failed attempt at love each time. Are you going to end up alone?

Gosh this is heavy right? Sister. I know. I feel you.. Why? Because I have totally been ALL of the above.

That’s where The Awakening comes in. A 6 week online course which harnesses the very best and powerful pieces of the modalities you may (or may not) have dipped your toe into before, and infuses them together with a deep intention to connect you to your sexuality, sensuality, and feminine energy.

You’ll be using simple breathing techniques, intuitive movement, somatic healing techniques (that’s physical touch of the body in lay-womans terms), shamanic meditations, addressing your energy body, using therapeutic self enquiry, and techniques used by transformational life coaches. You’ll also receiving weekly wisdom which will support and enlighten your learning about your feminine power. 

Perhaps the most important part of this process is that you won’t be doing this all alone.

In The Awakening you will be journeying for 6 weeks in a vibrant community of women who will be your radical cheerleaders. You’ll also get to return the favour and cheerlead them too! Here’s the thing, lifting other women up, simultaneously lifts you up. Meaning.. we can all rise up together! It’s actually impossible to do this alone.. Community is key. It keeps up from veering off track, and going back to feeling, stuck, confused, and unworthy. 

But is this actually going to work? Am I really going to be sat there magnetically telling my friends about how I’ve just unlocked the gateway to my feminine power after six weeks? 

I’ll be real with you.. I’m not here suggesting that after 6 weeks you’ll be having full body orgasms at the click of a finger. Or that you’ll be ripping your clothes off on the street screaming ‘I AM A CONFIDENT EMPOWERED WOMAN’. I’m not suggesting that you’ll be totally free from Pussy Pain, or waltzing around with the new love of your life.. Those things might happen. Especially with continued use of the tools in this course (naked street shouting optional). However what I do know is that if you show up to this course with your heart (and yoni) set on change, get involved with the Facebook group, and take part in the activities to your best ability, you will spark an feminine awakening deep within you which is impossible to forget, ignore or suppress. This 6 week course is the beginning of your awakening. This is the start of your journey to deepen your connection and relationship to your sexuality, sensuality and deep feminine power.


The Awakening is a 6 week online course for those who wish to become sexually switched on, fiercely feminine, and unleash their connection to their innermost power. 

It includes 6 jam packed video classes led by me Grace Hazel which have been infused with the wisdom I have learnt during the 10 years I have been immersed as a student and teacher in the holistic healing arts.

4 guided audio meditations led by me Grace Hazel which will guide you deepen your connection to your intuition, and connect you to your energetic body 

A 40 page workbook full with potent questions to support you to unravel unhelpful patterns that keep you small, diagrams and space to journal each step of your journey 

6 Step by Step weekly rituals which will allow you to learn experientially how to access your feminine energy

Daily support to ensure that connecting to your feminine power and yoni effortless by the end of the 6 weeks 

A loving and supportive private FaceBook community with daily cheerleading to keep you on track, and pull you back on purpose if you find yourself wavering

Access to powerful resources that have positively impacted my journey

A 1 hour FAQ half way through the journey so that you can ask all the questions you could possibly have on and around the subject of the yoniverse. 

A discount to my programmes such as my 1-1 Empowerment Mentorship, Group Mentorship Journey and future events


Let’s get structured. This course follows a curriculum which as been intuitively designed to take you from feeling “blah”, to integrated and connected. Here’s how that will flow..

End disempowering blocks: Rise radiantly in your sexuality

In this chapter you will initiate your connection to your feminine power source, learn how to create the sacred container that you will use to hold your daily rituals, and establish clear intentions for your 6 week journey.

Let go of pain + shame: Come into love + acceptance for your anatomy

In this chapter you will become intimately connected with your Vulva, learn about the unhelpful conditioning and judgement you may hold for your feminine landscape, and form an empowered relationship with your Yoni.

Overcome fear of intimacy: How to let pleasure in

In this chapter you will be connecting to your vagina so that you can let go of emotional, and energetic blocks, pain, numbness, tension that lead your away from pleasure. You will also make a powerful, liberated vow which will enable you to find safety through intimacy.

Access the gateway to your intuition: Unlock the separation from your feminine power

In this chapter you will be giving self consciousness, self doubt, insecurity and sensual awkwardness the middle finger so that you can access the raw, wild, and primal pieces of your feminine nature. This journey will allow for you to unleash yourself from the binds that control ‘who you should be’ so that you can discover who you truly are.

Create confidently and effortlessly: How to tap into your womb + use your menstrual cycle to birth your wildest desires into the world

In this chapter you will ignite a deep bond with the Queen Bee of your Yoni, the Womb. You will learn about how to use your menstrual cycle to create effortlessly, plus be guided to clear this space from fear, pain and trauma so that you can harness it’s magnetic energy to magnetically bring your wildest, deepest, and most audacious dreams into the world.

Sexuality activated + ready to flow: How to bring your reclaimed sexual energy into the world

This chapter will allow you to integrate the energy of your vulva, vagina, cervix and womb so that you can formulate a connected and vibrant vision of your purpose. You will create clear intentions which will empower you to take exciting steps forward into a divinely liberated, sexuality activated life which is woven by the essence of your feminine power.


Does this all feel like a lot? Are you currently checking your schedule and wondering where you’re going to get 6 weeks from? No problem. This entire course is held online. That means you can do it all from the comfort and safety of your own home. You’ll have access to the course not just for 6 weeks, but for 6 weeks afterwards. So if you get behind, you have time to catch up. Additionally some of the parts of this course such as the workbook, guided audios, and lifetime access to your supportive community you’ll have forever. Plus this course will give you tools for life, you’ve guessed it, you can come back to again and again and again. 

It sounds weird. This all sounds a bit ‘out there’. Connecting to my feminine power via my vagina? Will I be surrounded by a load of kooks? Yes.. If by kooks you mean women who, just like you, are ready to change their life, step out of their comfort zone, and dip their toe (perhaps even whole body) into a world where they are comfortable in their skin, connected to their body, and excited about life in all of it’s myriads. 

For the yoni/vagina/“down there” newbs. I’ve never done any of the suggested modalities before in my life, will I be super lost? Nope. The Awakening is for everyone. You’ll learn from experience PLUS everyone's in the same boat, this course isn’t something any of the other women will have taken for, so that means we’re all in it together. Additionally, I (Grace Hazel) will be holding a Q&A to answer any questions that come up. Plus, we have a community here! Let’s all learn and transform together.

Discretion: Yikes, what will my partner / friends / family think? I get it, when you are in the world of feminine power, and liberation, it can be easy to assume that everyone else has caught onto The Awakening process. However this empowered world can be a tricky one to address with others. 

“What are you up to tonight?” 

“I’m just, errr, connecting to my Vagina tonight Susan”.


All the content will be provided to you discreetly. The subject headline of emails you receive won’t mention anything ‘sexy or vaginaesque’. The FB group is totally private, and I’ll be guiding you on how to make a safe and private space for you drop into The Awakening activities. You don’t need to tell anyone unless you’re bursting to, or if they notice that glimmering glow of delight on your face.

Perhaps you’ve just stumbled across my page and am wondering, who Grace Hazel, are you to guide me? I’ll let others I’ve worked with do the talking: 

Since I came to your ritual my life changed completely. I would never hesitate to work with you again.  - Monika  

Thank you for your divine ritual last night which demonstrated the inner strength of women and the power of sisterhood. I felt my temple and I will be channelling her energy, learning from her and I will respect her boundaries. - Anonymous

The Yoni Ritual inspired a poem in me. It more or less was poured into me actually! I had it pretty much written on paper before the end of the guided shamanic journey. All I had to do was type it out when I got home! - Ava 

Working with Grace really shifted my perspective. This has never happened with such ease for me before, but I honestly feel I can approach relationships with a more effortless ease and openness to receiving, which is what I’ve always wanted!  - Bella

Grace gave me some unique and eye opening tools to understand my sexual history and deepen my connection to self pleasure, and 6 weeks I'd forgotten the shame debris I'd gathered from the impact of my last relationship and returned to my sexually curious self. Amazingly shortly after finishing working with Grace I attracted a new partner into my life who celebrates my sexual nature. - Tania 

Grace created space for me to truly listen to my yonis wisdom and create a life guided by my inner knowing. I don’t think it is a coincidence that working with Grace has coincided with me reconnecting with my love of writing and this has seen me fall back into flow with my creativity. - Caroline 

I really believe that the curriculum in this course will guide you to understand what it’s like to become sexually switched on, fiercely feminine, and in connection to your innermost power. However I would like to give you the security of a money back guarantee if you feel unsatisfied by your 6 week Awakening experience*.

*Note that if you wish to use the money back guarantee please email on hello@grace-hazel.com. Your request will be reviewed by Grace based on course attendance, FaceBook group interaction, and other factors which can be discussed if this situation should occur. 

So how important is this in your life right now? What could stepping out of all that shame, guilt, fear, self doubt, numbness, and disconnection do for you? How would joining a community of like minded women, simultaneously going through an Awakening support your life? How about finally investing in some radical self love?!

The Investment: the financial investment of The Awakening (which includes the 6 jam packed video classes, 4 guided audio meditations, the 40 page workbook, 6 step by step weekly rituals, daily support to connect to your feminine power, a sisterhood of like minded women, 1 hour FAQ with me, and the discount to my programmes/events) is £200. I know right… what? £200!

Great, how do I join!? We begin the next round of The Awakening on (day) (month) (year). To get involved click here, follow the payment via Billetto and you will immediately receive an email from me which will get you prepared for this expedition into your Yoniverse. 

I love forward to seeing you all lit up, sensual and radiant.