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 Reclaim Your Temple: Yoni Healing Massage

The ancients knew that our sex centre was extremely powerful. That’s why there are sculptures, caves, temples, and deities throughout the world all dedicated to the feminine. That’s why a powerful Sanskrit word exists: ‘Yoni’, which translates into ‘Sacred Temple’ or the ‘Female Genitalia’. In our modern world, we have forgotten the power of our pussy. We’ve knocked down the temples, shunned the word Yoni, and replaced it with ‘front bottom’ or our ‘down there’. This has caused a deep disconnect from our innate power as a woman, that being our authentic, unadulterated, untarnished, unashamed, pure, raw, unique sexual essence.

Through a ‘Reclaim your Temple’ session, we will meet in person and use powerful intention setting, ritual, intuitive guidance, and a bit of straight forward and real woman - woman sharing in order to weave together a potent container for a 2 - 3 hour yoni massage session which will assist you to release and let go of what no longer serves you, and fully reclaim the power of your pussy.

“Grace makes the most intimate, deep healing session feel so safe and protected. I was called to work with Grace because my soul was ready to release some deep, repressed shame and guilt. Grace works in a very shamanic, spiritual way, I find myself in complete other dimensions and memories in the presence of her healings. She is the easiest healer I have worked with to get into such a deep, meditative state. The moment I sit to begin with her I am already in an out of body experience. Grace is so beautiful and her healings have helped allow me to bring up so much frozen energy of shame, guilt and hate that I was holding physically within. I cannot recommend her Yoni Healing Massage enough.”

Yoni Healing


Unprocessed trauma, tension, cultural/societal conditioning, and experiences throughout our life can result in body armour. Body armor can cause the body to contract, and greatly hinders our ability to receive and open to pleasure. In come cases it can even manifest in physical pain and tightness. Our yoni is the most receptive organ of our body and in particular has a tendency to store a great deal of this armor. As most women have only been penetrated through sexual stimulation, gynaecologist appointments, or whilst using menstrual products, it’s a place that fails to get the right care, healing and attention.

Womens empowerment


Move through guilt, shame, grief, and fear surrounding your sex and sexuality

Relieve pelvic tension / contraction / pain / tightness

Release physical and emotional stress

Address and assist with vaginal numbness, pain and disconnection

Activate an empowered body image, especially for your breasts and yoni

Resolve traumatic experiences that have impacted your sexual wellbeing

Recover from heartbreak / relationship loss

Heal after baby loss (miscarriage / abortion) plus traumatic childbirth

Awaken your orgasmic body and overcoming sexual numbness

Move beyond the mind and dropping into the wisdom of your body, particularly your yoni and womb

Put a stop disempowering relationship/intimacy patterns

Promote creative vitality, accessing your joy

Tools to get you out your head and into your body during sex

Vagina Expert


Sessions vary from woman to woman and are around 2.5 - 3 hours. The following is a guide of the structure..

Receive a post (20 - 25 minute) consultation call to ensure that a ‘Reclaim your Temple’ session is right for you

Get a post session check in from me, where I will gift you with a simple ritual to carry out before we meet

When we meet, we will together create a totally safe space (which includes a boundaries conversation / intention setting and opening a sacred container) so that you feel supported and in your power

We’ll have time to have an authentic sharing around your intention + a conversation about why this is important, and I will provide guidance if necessary to allow for clarity and understanding

You will receive an intuitive full body massage which can include dearmoring points throughout your body

I will guide you through breath-work and emotional release tools to activate your body's capacity to heal and let go

You will receive sacred breast massage, and vulva and yoni massage, designed to bring forth deep letting go

You will be given space of silence, stillness and integration + we will drop into a sharing space where you can communicate with me on insights / realisations that arose during the session

I will gift you with a tailor made home ritual which will continue your integration process

After a day or so, you’ll receive a check in from me giving you more space to share how you are feeling and processing

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If you are interested in receiving a session, let’s create a time to chat..

Firstly, click ‘BOOK CONSULTATION’ below

Secondly, choose a date that suits you to chat with me

Thirdly, fill out a short questionnaire

We’ll chat for 20 - 25 minutes on your chosen date to get clear on your intentions + you’ll find out more about how a session will look for you

  Online Offerings and Resources

Sexuality Coach


Boy Bye is a powerful online ritual led monthly by me, for anyone, no matter the relationship status or sexual identity, who is ready to let go of past lovers & partners, and in doing that, wishes to call in the openness to receive respectful and loving connection.

Self Pleasure


Conversations with Pussy is a podcast designed to empower you as a woman to rediscover your innate magic, your sensuality, sexuality, and deep feminine power.

Body confidence


What if I told you that you could change your whole entire life, simply by listening to your Pussy’s wisdom? You can have an intimate conversation with your pussy every day with my Good Morning Pussy Meditation

Abortion Healing

 Do you rejoice in your sexual nature with freedom and joy? Or have you subdued and suppressed your wildness and rawness to please others? Have you dulled your voice down?

Do you dare invite your pleasure back? Do you choose to reclaim your life force?

Spend 7 days deeply devoted and immersed in connection to your greatest source of radical power. Join me and a group of other open hearted, like-minded women, for a week of pussy magic on my retreat in Ibiza. ‘The Temple of Yoni’, co-created by myself and award winning retreat company Chaya is open for booking now.


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