Well and Whole, Pelvic Bowl

Return the holy and wild feminine spirit back into your female flesh.

Get the replay of this live, online, 2-day experiential workshop where you’ll receive an education that’ll blow your mind, heart, womb and Pussy open with love…

Whilst you spread your legs wide, open your lower lips to unwind, massage, heal and awaken through devotional touch, breath, loving awareness and movement. 

You deserve to be in a relationship with your Pussy. The altar of your body. 


It is your birthright to live anchored and at ease in the homeland of your bowl.

Your vagina, cervix (space) and womb (space) hold a lifetime and beyond of information. 


It has been scientifically proven that emotions and memories are stored in fascia and other body tissues, and when unprocessed, this armour can lead to imbalance and dis-ease within your mind, body, spirit and sexuality.

Most women are living with their power centres congested because they haven’t received the holistic care, education and wisdom to bring them into right-relationship with their Pelvic Bowl.

In this 2 day workshop, you will receive physiological and anatomy education, guided self-touch practice, somatic healing techniques, and pleasure activation.

You will learn the main reason that most women (possibly including you) are living in disconnection and imbalance, resulting in the epidemic of symptoms they are experiencing today such as endometriosis, fertility issues, and sexual disconnect.

You will also learn (through education and embodiment) 3 simple keys to reversing disconnect and chronic imbalance so that you can return to a Well and Whole, Pelvic Bowl, with flowing currents of nerves, blood, fascia and energy which will support you to remain healthy and responsive to sensual pleasure and aliveness.

Who is this for?

This is for you if you desire to heal and dissolve the barriers of conditioning, distortions, pain and armour that have formed through a world in which you haven't been shown that your sexuality, body, heart and spirit are sacred.

You may be…

  • experiencing disconnect from your sexuality and pleasure 
  • having ongoing dis-ease in your female body 
  • wanting to address fertility from a psycho-somatic perspective 
  • desiring to harness your intuition, and live a free life guided and created from your Spirit - rather than the constructs and fears of the mind.
  • wanting to return to your body and temple, live sensuality lit up in your own skin, and place health, wholeness and blessings on the altar of your pelvic bowl 

If you are here reading these words. This workshop is for you.

In order to join this workshop, you must be prepared to…

1. Take responsibility for yourself and your experience, if you feel the call to do this, lead from that place, book your place and dive in with a wide-open mind.


2. Know that no one is here to “fix” you, and while this 2-day workshop can, and will, move mountains with your focused, receptive energy…true pelvic healing and wellness come from a commitment to showing up to your body for life. 


3. You must be prepared to feel resourced in yourself should any triggers come up. I will be guiding down-regulation techniques before we dive into Pelvic Bowl work, however, it is important you feel empowered enough to hold yourself should any triggers / somatic memories rise up. If you are joining live, there will be support from trauma-informed practitioners.


The Investment

The value of this workshop is well into 5 figures.


Please see this as an extremely accessible opportunity to receive this work.

If you feel the urge to join, lead from your Pussy, and invest your time and beautiful money now. 


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yes, I'm in

Love, it's good to meet you. I’m Grace Hazel and I'll be guiding you through Well and Whole, Pelvic Bowl.

A bit about me... I've been at the forefront of women’s healing for over a decade and have studied multiple modalities in the fields of psycho-somatic-sexual therapy, holistic pelvic care, shamanic sexual temple arts, ancient womb wisdom, and hands-on healing massage of the Pelvic Bowl.

Over the years, I've guided thousands of women to connect with the power between their thighs through retreats, workshops, 1-1’s, online journeys and my podcast Conversations with Pussy.

I'm a recognised as a thought leader in the field of women's healing and sexuality and have had my work featured in Vice, Grazia, Women’s Health Magazine, Balance Magazine, and Dose Magazine. I am regularly invited to speak on women's sexuality for numerous panels and podcasts. My personal healing journey has seen me work extensively with the healing modalities of sexuality, somatic therapy and plant medicine via the facilitation of indigenous shamanic wisdom keepers. These journeys have greatly influenced the way I bring forth devotional medicine spaces for clients' journeys.

I desire for every woman to have a sacred and special relationship with her Pelvic Bowl, because this is not just about pleasure, sex and relationships.

This is about activating the innate wisdom of the holy and wild feminine spirit that we’ve been disconnected from for centuries... and spreading this far and wide into the collective. We are literally changing the world over here.

Are you ready?

I'm so ready for this


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Let's walk forward together...

If you are here reading these words, let it be the sign you're waiting for. This workshop is for you. 

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Join Vagina Awakening.
We begin on 4th January 


The Investment...?

 See you in the temple...