Conversations with Pussy is a podcast which facilitates liberating and empowering conversations about sexuality, pleasure and healing. We’re focused on supporting all Vagina owners to feel free and excited about having a loving and soulful relationship with their Pussy.

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Podcast 40: How to Upgrade Your Wealth Consciousness

Just like we can heal our relationship to sexuality (and through doing that, begin to experience a liberated and free version of how we experience intimacy)… we can also heal our relationship to money, and through doing that, begin to experience an up-levelling in the money we can make and the wealth we can grow.

In this podcast, Grace speaks about her personal journey with money, and how she upgraded her wealth consciousness. You will receive clear direction on how to support your personal wealth consciousness to grow.

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Podcast 02: De-Armouring your Pussy. What? How? Who?

In this episode Grace breaks down the terms 'Yoni' and 'De-armouring', then talks about her personal experience having her own Pussy 'de-armoured'. She also gives grounded advice on how to go about de-armouring your own Yoni. This podcast will benefit ALL women, especially those who experience Pussy pain, Pussy numbness, are unable to access orgasm, Vaginal cramping, low libido, and so much more.

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Podcast 39: 6 Reasons My Soul-Led Business Thrived, Inspired and Financially Grew, From the Very Beginning

In this episode, Grace speaks to YOU: the healers, teachers, coaches and transformational service providers. She shares the 6 things she applied to her business from the very beginning.

These 6 things were by far the most important tools she needed in order to support her business to become a leader in her industry. Applying these tools to your own soul-business will be like immediate rocket fuel to the way your work is received. So if you want sold-out offerings and clients on waitlist, this podcast is for you.

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