You’re ready to discover the magic between your thighs, right? Your soul is here to do big things in the world, can you feel it?

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This is the story of how I went from experiencing nearly a decade of chronically painful sex and a total aversion to intimacy; to awakening my sexuality, pleasure and power. An initiation that guided me to get clear on my soul's purpose, which now illuminates my successful online business, all powered by Pussy.

Well hello, I’m Grace.

I’m here to support you to awaken your vagina, get turned on by life and be rich through your soul's purpose. I’m a business owner, a healer, an artist, a mother, a sister of the earth, a lover of money, and a channel. I intend that through me, you will access a world where you are anchored in the magic of your Pussy, living an unlimited life that thrives by way of you elevating the world through your leadership and wisdom.

Work with me

I will serve you to...

Trailblaze your life towards sexual liberation, vagina awakening, and soul-business expansion, so that you can live confidently and creatively based on your unique expression.

Release yourself from the disempowering narratives of society, and activate a spiritual relationship with your sexuality which feels like home

Build a relationship with your Pussy which bring tears of awe and joy to your eyes as you access a life of effortless pleasure, intimacy, and confidence in your creativity

Feel turn on so BIG, that your soul-led business is not only prosperous but pleasurable to run too

Have your phone poppin’ off with incoming PayPal and Stripe notifications as your business and YOU thrive from a place of alignment, rather than burn out and hustle

Get into the world with your message, allow your offerings to sing through the humdrum, become instantly magnetic to your clients - all whilst feeling in total alignment with the reason you were put here on earth.

Work with me


Psychosexual Somatics® Coach, PST

Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Graduate, International School of Temple Arts

Shamanic Womb Awakening Apprentice, The Fountain of Life

Bodyworker, specialising in Yoni Healing Massage

Yoga Teacher

Advanced Theta Healer

Reiki Master

Over 10 years experience healing chronic vulva pain

Work with me

This work is for you if…

Based on the 100s and 100s of people that I’ve been blessed to work with, I believe that when you awaken your connection to your Vagina, your inner creative will come online, with bundles of confidence to finally express your truth.

You may be at the beginning of your Vagina Awakening journey - perhaps you are pointing towards your crotch and whispering “down there”

Or perhaps you and your Pussy are best pals, and you’re full to the brim with ideas, but are wondering: “Will anyone pay for this?” or  “Am I allowed to charge that much for helping people heal?”

Or maybe you’ve never thought about spirituality and sexuality. You’re ready to up-level your soul-led business work, but are questioning “If I focus on making more money, surely I'll start carrying too much responsibility, become burned out and will lose touch with pleasure and fun?”

Either way, we’re going to get along if...

  • You’re not afraid to look closely at what’s not working in your life, let go of things that are creating stagnancy, in order to transform it
  • Self-responsibility and making proactive actions is your way (you’re done with blame and you outgrew victimhood years ago)
  • You are an intuitively led, deep feeler - you believe in energy, or a higher consciousness such as spirit, the universe, or god
  • You know that investing your beautiful money into coaches and programs that will inspire, empower and elevate you, brings growth in more ways than one to your life - hitting “pay” on aligned programs will already get you feeling the expansion coming your way
  • You aren’t in the world of blaming or regularly projecting your feelings onto other people, you take triggers as an opportunity to grow - in fact, feeling challenged is exciting for you, as being outside your comfort zone encourages you to step up and expand

Sound like you?

I invite you to check out the online programs that are available to you now. From awakening your vagina to enabling your soul-mission to thrive, there is something that’ll support you to deepen your journey.

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