Grace Hazel
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Come now and liberate yourself…


 You’re invited to let go of frustration, anxiety, stress, pain and imbalance so that you can rediscover your creative genius, access deep pleasure, empower your relationships, and find confidence through sexual intimacy.

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Hi, I’m Grace Hazel

I’m a women’s healing and sexuality witch/mentor, a female CEO, host of the podcast ‘Conversations with Pussy”, a truth speaking writer, an inspirational speaker, an overcomer of chronic vulva pain, and a devotee to women’s Pussies worldwide. I'm on a passionate mission to guide you to take empowered ownership of yourself as a woman-being, so that you can vibrantly reclaim your body, sexuality and power in order to radically transform your life.  


Work with me

Catalyse powerful change in your life now.

I offer deeply transformative 1:1 guidance for women who are ready for liberation.



Spend 7 days devoted to connecting to your greatest source of radical power. Join me for a week of pussy magic on my retreat in September.


Morning Meditation

You can have an intimate conversation with your pussy every day with the ‘Good Morning Pussy Meditation’


Work With Me

It’s time to dive deep into yourself, be passionately guided to unravel the unhelpful conditioning that keeps you small, fiercely connect to your unique potential, and boldly go where you haven’t been before.

Through 1:1 empowerment, I am here to support you in your unique intention for healing, growth and change. I will guide you to rewrite the story of what you have experienced thus far, so that you can claim your space in the world as a passionate and liberated force of woman-being. 

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