Awaken your Vagina, get turned-on by life, be rich through your soul's purpose

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Vagina Awakening Practitioner Training

Are you ready to become the leader, healer and coach who transforms lives; supporting women to rise up and become deeply connected to the wisdom and power between their thighs?

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Hey you, I’m Grace Hazel.

I’m a Vagina Witch, passionate about bringing YOU into an empowered connection to your sexuality. I believe that your soul has chosen to come here to lead, and you’re needed here to change the world. It’s my job to support you to inhabit a world in which you're effortlessly anchored in your Pussy’s power and turned on by your unique soul’s mission. Discover the invaluable tools which will support your iconic healing business to thrive, all whilst being financially blessed for the work you do.

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My work with Grace has been transformative and deeply healing. Grace created space for me to truly listen to my womb's wisdom and create a life guided by my inner knowing."

- Caroline, Counsellor and Doula

Your Business, as BIG as Your Soul Knows It to Be

For coaches, healers, teachers, and transformational service providers, who, despite having completed more trainings than you can list in your IG bio, STILL aren’t getting a constant flow of "pinch-yourself", soul-aligned clients who are actually ready to put in the work… This 8-week program is designed to make your business stand out from the crowd and your offerings sing through the humdrum, so that you become instantly magnetic to your clients, whilst feeling in total alignment with the reason you were put here on earth.

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Vagina Awakening Online Studio

A 5-week self-paced program full of Pussy celebration, for you as an intuitively led, deep feeler; who, despite being in the world of spirituality for a while is still looking for a connection between spirit and sex that feels soulful, powerful and real.

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Conversations with Pussy

Conversations with Pussy is a podcast which facilitates liberating and empowering conversations about sexuality, pleasure and healing. We’re focused on supporting all Vagina owners to feel free and excited about having a loving and soulful relationship with their Pussy.

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