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Is NOT for the faint of heart...


  • In this journey, you will be guided to see the last day of your human life based on you having experienced all that your soul came here to learn and become
  • You will be invited to take actions which may feel outside of your comfort zone to move through
  • You’ll be building energetic momentum to do incredible things within the 5 days. Some of these actions may well change the course of your life
  • You will take risks, break through perceived “upper limits”, and be lovingly propelled towards a meaningful path that’ll ensure that when you die, you’ll leave this human experience in bliss, and utter satisfaction of a life well lived



What people are saying about LEGACY...


"Thank you so much for this journey, Grace. It came at the right time, when I needed feminine support in my life, and it has reminded me of my power to create. And to FEEL! 

Ans oh my goodness, what a pleasure it is to be a woman. 

I wish ALL of you, all of us, abundance in all its forms, and those who are called a blessed HEARTH journey. Sending so much love!" 


"After watching replay I feel so motivated, and I have so much trust because I am more than ready "to make bold moves! It's activating my whole body. 

Thank you for sharing this beauty! And I hope it will help some women to move through their fears. 

I want to feel 100% independent and free! No more fear!"


"What I have realised about myself through LEGACY is: 

That maybe I'm right on time for what is ready to be created through me. 

I've felt closer to my purpose this week and like there is this remembrance of my destiny. A connection of all the dots leading me to where I stand right here, right now. 

I've also felt more in my body, more compassionate towards my womb and the energy been..."

You will resonate with this experience if…

  • You have a passion for women and healing, and are particularly drawn towards sacred sexuality
  • You believe in something greater than yourself, you may call that God, Spirit, The Universe.
  • You are prepared to take considered risks and lean outside of your comfort zone
  • You are drawn to the magic of life and can lean into “the mystery”. 
  • You feel you came here to earth with healing hands, and you are ready to take up the role of Priestess.
  • You appreciate trauma-informed spaces, which are held with Spirit, yet backed with nervous system awareness, psycho-somatics and science.
  • You want to be part of a loving, safe and encouraging experience where you and other women can unravel into pleasure, bliss and peace.

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About Grace 


 You’ll be learning from me, Grace Hazel, a 6 figure leader, business owner and Priestess who has been at the forefront of women’s pelvic bowl awakening and sensual / sexual healing for over a decade.
Creatrix of the HEARTH Practitioner Training. 
Over the years, I’ve guided thousands of women to connect with the power between their thighs through retreats, workshops, 1-1s, online journeys and my podcast Conversations with Pussy.
I am recognised as a thought leader in the field of women's healing and sexuality and work with the systems and safety of holistic science and education which weaves together with the priestess wisdom that is channelled through me.
Get to know me better, in LEGACY.
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