The Priestess Path

A Free 5-Day Activation to anchor you into your vision, leadership and magic.


For those with a fire in their belly and magic in their hands

Who want to drip wet for every aspect of their life

Whilst being in heart-led service through their mission.

Join Grace Hazel on this transformative free journey.

To learn the fundamental tools that will let you break through self-sabotage, emotional blocks and “I can’t”s.

And harness the energy of your inner Priestess, so that you can make courageous, Pussy rooted moves into your biggest vision yet.


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Here's what people who have already been through the container have to say:


"Absolutely life-changing. Thank you"


"From this journey, I received a deeper understanding of my path and what's blocking me. It's been absolutely incredible and I can't wait to work with you in the future. Still glowing from the journey. Endless gratitude to you Grace"


"I genuinely feel like I have paid for this course"


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What to expect...

The Priestess Path is my gift to you, beauty; it's absolutely free.

All modules are online and pre-recorded so that you can access them from anywhere, and the course is yours to keep - you can revisit it as many times as you like.

Each module consists of a video transmission and a piece of homeplay to really help you integrate the experience. You'll also get access to my community Facebook group where you can connect with others taking the course and where I'll be hosting weekly LIVE sessions to support you on your journey through The Priestess Path and beyond. 

 Day 1 - Anchor into your vision as Priestess and leader

 Day 2 - Rewrite self-sabotage. Start leading unapologetically

Day 3 - Light Language

Day 4 - The Pussy Priestess

Day 5 - Q&A

If you're ready to make bold moves into your biggest vision yet; if you're ready to drip wet for every aspect of your life; if you are ready to harness the energy of your inner Priestess... then click below and get started straight away.


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