Your Business, as BIG as Your Soul Knows It to Be.

Let your business stand out from the crowd.

Allow your offerings to sing through the humdrum.

Become instantly magnetic to your clients.

All whilst feeling in total alignment with the reason you were put here on earth.


Business defining question...

For coaches, healers, teachers, and transformational service providers, who despite having completed more trainings than you can list in your IG bio, STILL aren’t getting a constant flow of "pinch yourself", soul aligned clients who are actually ready to put in the work...

If there was a way to fill your Calendly with uplifting discovery calls each month and watch your PayPal balance skyrocket when you drop a new offering, without having to question your intuition or compare yourself to everyone “doing the same thing” on your feed, would you want to know about it...?

I want in

Here's why anything other than a full body yes is draining your precious energy.

Every day, bank-card in hand, your potential soul aligned clients are scouring the internet looking to invest in that one person who actually gets them at a deep level.

Question is: Are they investing in YOU? Or scrolling past you?

And, whether you just single handedly designed your Squarespace (or you’ve got a few years under your belt now) the success of your purpose-led business is suuuper connected with your answer to this question.

Because if you know you’re ready to simplify all the time and energy you’ve been pouring into your business - which currently feels like a instagram passion project, rather than a profitable business


If you’ve been doing it on your own for way too long. Gorging on free content, whilst simultaneously trying to replicate what you see your successful idols do on Instagram..


Because what I’m about to share with you could EASILY be your most pivotal moment.

The one you look back on a month from now, when your Paypal notifications are flashing on your screen, your Google Cal is solid with soul clients, and your year has opened up to match the “vision” on your Pinterest board.

First of all, does this sound familiar to you?

  • You’re on a discovery call, but you’re not lit up and energised by the connection between you both
  • You enrol them into your 1-1 program because you feel like you “should”, plus you desperately need the cash injection
  • You haven’t nailed down on your niche yet because your work can help so many people in so many different ways
  • You’re a gifted coach, teacher or healer, and you know that in your sou you should be getting paid in alignment for all the heart-led energy you bring to the world. But actually picking a niche, clarifying your offer, and packaging it up in a way that feels good has been impossible until now
  • Showing up to some of your clients feels like a "slog", a strong cold brew coffee beforehand, and an in depth energy removal process afterwards is necessary. Even then, you feel drained
  • Amongst a sea of content, your authentic voice dilutes, as you wonder if your style is “cool enough”, “clear enough”, “spiritual enough”, “bold enough” or even “too woo-woo”. You feel like you’re reinventing yourself on a daily basis


  • I have all these ideas, but will anyone pay for this?
  • How do I describe what I do in a way that my soul clients will understand and get excited about my work?
  • If I focus on one niche, will I cut myself off from all the people I want to serve?
  • Am I allowed to charge that much for helping people heal?


  • Surely if I focus on up-leveling my work, I'll start carrying too much responsibility, become burned out and will lose touch with pleasure and fun?

With the amount of time, effort, and straight-up commitment you’ve invested in developing your gifts, holding transformative space, plus building your business so far, isn’t it about time you started getting the money and success you deserve?

You deserve...

to ground your gifts into such a practical, tangible message and offering that it becomes iconic and supports you to do the work you love, whilst getting paid for it.

You deserve...

to be so in demand for your offerings that you’re running a waitlist to work with you.

You deserve...

to charge four or five figures in full and actually have people pay it.

But first, here are the 4 reasons why you’re STILL getting scrolled past and receiving only a trickle of income for your services...

Allowing your business to be as BIG as your soul knows it to be, is closer than ever

You are about to harness the power of...

  • Finding your niche, allowing your gifts to shine, and channeling that into a sought after business which magnifies your genius
  • Financial abundance that looks after you and increases your ability to serve from a cup completely full. No more exchanges, or underpaying clients who don’t see the value of your work
  • Being in a deep, loving relationship with your business, so that talking about, and selling your offers, is like the most sensual, passionate flirt you ever had

Let your business stand out from the crowd. 

Create offerings that sell out and SING through the humdrum. 

Become instantly magnetic to your soul clients. 

All whilst feeling in total alignment with the reason you were put here on earth.

Your Business, as BIG as Your Soul Knows It to Be is HERE!

  • Because your soul clients are just waiting for you to step up
  • Because you soul is screaming for you to come into alignment with exactly how you serve
  • You are steps away from having a business as iconic and soul-full as you are


What folks have experienced on this course...


Started without having clarity on her niche.
Didn't know the next steps to take in order to grow her business.
Left with so many practical tools, along with the ability to run her business in a soft and feminine way 

- Grace McGeehan, Yoga Teacher and Therapist


"Being in "Your Business as BIG as your soul knows it to be" was a pivotal point in my journey. I’m so thankful that I said YES! There’s massive gold there for your next evolution in soul-led biz artistry. The transmission inside is POTENT! So concise. So grounded. So energizing. I’d listen to the content & calls early in the morning from my cozy bed (lol) and have transformative experiences where things clicked into place. You learn brilliant practice, codes, & energetics in the realms of business. You absolutely do not have to “do” business according to old paradigm per usual. Your feminine gets to rise, your intuition gets to speak, & your soul gets to lead️. You’ll looove the transmissions on branding, money, & vision because damn, so much crystal clear clarity comes in from your Soul, who leads you to the most Truthful places. I’d get off the calls and feel that type of inspiration where you KNOW you can go out there, show up, and manifest exactly what you deserve in your business! During this course, I raised my 1:1 rate to a price that was *literally* unimaginable months prior. Like magic, the exact soulmate client that I called in through the material said yes!! My heart is so grateful for my time in this container. The wisdom 100% continues to support me & integrate into my business! If you’re feeling that fluttery ping to enter into the vortex of this course… Trust where your soul leads you, she has the best compass in the entire universe!"

Miranda Amora, Mystic Feminine Embodiment Mentor


"I really loved Your business as big as your soul knows it to be. The live workshops and homeplay guided us through an empowering journey of gaining so much clarity on where we are now, where we desire to be, and how to get there. Grace shared her wisdom in a way that encouraged us to tap into our intuition, reflect deeply on what feels most aligned, reclaim our worthiness, confidently share our gifts with the world, freely (& strategically) express ourselves online, better understand and attract our dream clients, create epic offerings, and balance structure with flow and inspiration. I also loved that we were able to connect 1:1 with other members of the group, and have even done multiple collaborations now with a lovely soul sister who I met in one of the breakout rooms! I just finished my very first program launch and have never felt more powerful, confident, or limitless. I feel very grateful for this experience and will continue to watch the replays of our group sessions."

- Nadine Hamilton, Sacred Sexuality Healing Guide & Empowerment Coach


"Before joining this course, I felt quite lost, in a rut, unsure of my business goals and how to move forward. Putting out content on Instagram was starting to feel overwhelming and my financial goals were starting to feel unattainable. The initial financial investment sparked some resistance in me, but a voice inside told me that THIS was the course I needed to sign up for and learn from. I'm so glad I listened to that voice...

Over the 8 weeks, I have learned such insightful and valuable tools and tips from Grace but the most important thing I'm taking away is that the main thing I need for my business to thrive is... to authentically be MYSELF! And what a bloody relief that is. Connecting with other women on the course has been a wonderful experience too, and our little community has provided much needed support and encouragement. This course feels like a big reassuring hug and Grace's fun and nurturing guidance has sparked my confidence and inspiration again. I feel a newfound love for myself and love for my business. I know I can achieve my dreams and goals, and Grace has given me just the push I needed in the right direction. 

If you're looking for powerful feminine guidance, to regain the confidence that you can thrive in your business and also the knowledge to do so, this course is for you."  

- Jo, Yoga teacher and Massage Therapist

Module one

Business, Soul and Vision Alignment

Lay the foundations to re-birth and upgrade your business into something magical, marketable and totally in alignment with everything you stand for .

  • You will allow your soul to show you exactly how BIG your business is meant to be - NO LIMITATIONS
  • Lay down your expansive vision into a grounded structure, so that you actually reach where you wish to go, and have a date for when that will that will happen
  • You will safely shed the old parts of your business that have started to hang heavy on your energy and magnetism, and make space for your truth to come forth and shine
Module two

Your Brand Is YOU Baby

Cool logos and on-trend colours are the tip of the iconic brand iceberg, you’re now ready to truly embody the way your business feels, so that you are a walking, talking beacon for its magnetism

  • You’ll be applying the exact method I harnessed into order to become a leader in my industry
  • You’ll find out how there’s a fine line between iconic and bland - and baby, you’re not here to be bland
  • Be so clear with your brand, that everyone knows what you stand for as a leader and they refer, share and celebrate you for it
Module three

Attracting Soul Clients

No more working with half-arsed clients, that feel like a bit of a drain to show up for, pay late, or even worse - ghost you.

  • You’ll breakthrough the limitations you have set for yourself about serving everyone (which dilutes your magic)
  • I’ll support you to get clear about who exactly you were put on this earth serve
  • Learn about how to use your intuition and magnetism to effortlessly get soul-clients dropping into your DMs soon as you drop a new post saying “I’ve got a 1-1 spot available”
Module four

Your Unique Soul Niche

Finally embody clarity on the niche that encompasses all of your gifts, tools and experience

  • No more listing off your extensive tools when you’re asked what you do. It’s time to get that “elevator pitch” down, so that when you tell people what you do, they stop, gasp and sign up
  • You’ll anchor in your Unique Soul Niche, and feel more confident than ever
  • You’ll find out how dropping into your unique soul niche will create freedom PLUS space to get your offerings out of the ideas realm, into reality
Module five

Magnetic, Unscrollable, Viral Content

Learn the art of creating content that immediately captures the heart of your audience, converts them into soul-clients and allows your content to be classified as “unmissable”

  • You’ll receive a framework to support you to write authentic mailers and IG posts which speak directly and soulfully to your clients
  • You’ll get the exact structure I applied to my award winning podcast Conversations with Pussy This structure, hands down, got Series 1 featured in the Grazia’s, Top of the Pods
  • You’ll learn how to write uniquely, so you no longer sound like a carbon copy of everyone else in your field
Module six

Iconic Offerings

Create solid, sustainable offerings within your business that sell like hotcakes to your soul clients.

  • Channel your trainings, tools and gifts into offers that you can release again and again - no more vague, unsellable, abstract courses that barely sell
  • Find out the exact method I used for creating my sell-out course “The Awakening” which has me smashing regular £20k months
  • Understand how to ensure your course launch is successful, rather than selling in drips and drabs
Module seven

Earning More - Doing Less

Create a strategy which enables you to break out of the “hustle” pattern and allow you to access the world of making your business and income work for you.

  • Learn why most healers, coaches, teachers and transformational service providers burn out whilst trying to earn enough income to keep them afloat, and overcome this so you don’t have to
  • Create a soul based strategy, that actually get you to the financial place you’ve been Pinborading since the birth of your business
  • Receive liberating codes on money which you support you break through the limiting beliefs which keep your wealth consciousness locked at low level

You have the passion in your soul, you know your magic can help transform other people’s lives. You just need a little support going from scrollable to iconic and unmissable right?

Hey I’m Grace Hazel,

I’ll be guiding you every step of the way during “Your Business, as BIG as Your Soul Knows It to Be”. You may already know me as “that Vagina Lady”. Or if not that, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with Vaginas, particularly supporting people to love their own. The reason I say this is because from the very beginning of my business in 2017, I knew that I had a message to shout about, and that I was meant to stand out from the crowd. 

So I studied the art of impactful business, branding and messaging and applied it to everything I do. That has completely enabled me to…

- Grow my Instagram reach to a healthy 26k 

- Have a constant waitlist for my 1-1 coaching 

- Get over 500 through the doors of The Awakening (my signature offering) which has hit multiple £20k months

- Incredible people stop me in the street, at festivals, in yoga classes and say “Grace Hazel - changed my life forever ”

- I am consistently receiving collaboration offers from huge magazines, TV companies, brands, and leaders 

- I’ve been featured in Vice, Grazia, Balance Magazine, Dose, and an array of huge podcasts 

I am often told by clients that even though I’m doing sexuality work in a pretty saturated market, the way I talk about what I do, has made a lasting impact on them, which was the reason they chose me to support their healing journey.

And that’s why I created “Your Business, as BIG as Your Soul Knows It to Be”. Because, I’m no different to you. Apart from the simple application of tools that got my business to stand out from the crowd and shine the brightness of my personality into the work that I do.

I want that for you too…

What folks have said about the program

"The results of our work together were indeed nothing less than earth-shattering and world-changing for me."


"I have felt something wild wake up inside me. I feel like my path is clearer than ever right now."


"My work with Grace was truly transformational and enlightening."


7 pre-recorded workshop modules with Grace Hazel that hold you safely to go deep, intuitive AND practical in elevating your business.

MODULE: 90 min workshop on “Business, soul and vision alignment” (Valued at £250)

MODULE: 90 min workshop on “Attracting Soul Clients” (Valued at £250)

MODULE: 90 min workshop on “Magnetic, Unscrollable, Viral, Content” (Valued at £250)

MODULE: 90 min workshop on “Earning More Doing Less” (Valued at £250)

MODULE: 90 min workshop on “Your brand is YOU baby” (Valued at £250)

MODULE: 90 min workshop on “Your Unique Soul Niche” (Valued at £250)

MODULE: 90 min workshop on “Earning More Doing Less” (Valued at £250)

Actual investment?

Only a fraction of the above.

Choose your payment plan




2 PAYMENTS (made within 2 months)



Here's how to know you're a good fit..

  • You are a coach / healer / teacher / transformational service provider and are already working within your craft
  • You’re not afraid to look closely at what’s not working in your business, let go of things that are creating stagnancy, in order to transform it
  • Branding, messaging and selling… this is not your zone of genius. You’re a talented healer, coach, or facilitator and you need support on the business side of things
  • You’re sick of 6 step plans to “becoming a 6 figure coach” masculine approaches to hustling your business into success, and you’re ready to dive into a space which honours you as a spiritually sensitive being and celebrates your intuition, emotions and body as a sacred tool to having a thriving business 
  • You know you deserve huge amounts of celebration and influence in your world, but so far, it’s been inconsistent or at worse - tapping into rejection wounds based on your results so far
  • You get goosebumps when you’re jamming with a group of visionary, like-minded humans
  • Self-responsibility is your way (you’re done with blame and you outgrew victimhood years ago)
  • You know that investing your beautiful money into coaches and programs that will inspire, empower and elevate you, brings growth in more ways that one to your life - hitting “pay” on this program will already get you feeling the expansion coming your way

Here's how to know if this program IS NOT a match for you right now..

  • You’re prone to passively consuming content, rather than engaging with it. Flipping open your laptop to watch a recording of a group training, while chewing on your dinner, toggling between screens and then taking zero action is not going to lead to the results that you want. 
  • You cannot or will not gift yourself the time and space that will be required for you to successfully complete the program (2-3 hours a week). The miracles that you’ll see unravel within this course, come with application of the process you’ll be guided through
  • You need an abundance of worksheets and spreadsheets to feel as though you’re growing or receiving value
  • You’ve harbouring huge amounts of limiting beliefs about yourself, and you are just not convinced about stepping up and putting your work out into the world
  • You don’t yet have any gifts or trainings that could be packaged up into a offering / or you really don’t feel confident to be supporting other people yet

So what do you say?

Your soul-clients are looking for the one person they can say YES to investing in right now. Your work is absolutely asking to be refined into iconic offerings that sell out every time.

And stalling on this inevitable moment of soul-aligned business refinement? Well, that’s not serving anyone - least of all you. Those inspirational folks on Instagram who are living the dream and charging based on their soul given gifts, are proof that you can do this too! All it takes is a few tweaks, your heart and soul aligned, and the bravery to choose NOW.


Are you ready?

Sign me up