School of Vagina Awakening

12 Month Practitioner Training

Are you ready to become the leader, healer and coach who transforms lives; supporting women to rise up and become deeply connected to the wisdom and power between their thighs?


“Gathered into this 12-month certification is all of the wisdom and experience I have accumulated over 10 years of immersion in the world of Vagina Awakening.” - Grace Hazel  

Be initiated into the way of the Wise Witch of the Womb, the Pussy Priestess, the Vagina Whisperer and the Sacred Sexuality Healer.


The integrated curriculum addresses feminine healing of the mind, body, emotion and spirit using talking and somatic therapy, coaching, bodywork, ritual, ceremony and energy healing.

In this trauma-informed practitioner training program you will learn the tools to therapeutically hold space for women in workshops, retreats and in potent 1:1 client containers. 

In addition to this you will receive a live soul-led business training, and you’ll take part in a wealth/money consciousness immersion which will allow you to create the impact, financial freedom and lifestyle you truly desire. 

All of the learning will be deeply embodied so that you graduate from the training feeling confident to take your new skills out into the world right away.

Get certified as a Vagina Awakening Practitioner from wherever you are in the world. This training takes place completely online.

Here’s a vision of how life could look once you step into your role as a Vagina Awakening Practitioner…

You wake up in your fresh bed sheets after a luxurious lay-in, you take time to connect to your body with self-touch and movement. There’s no rush; you’ve carved out the mornings in your schedule for “you time”. You know self-care is a fundamental part of being anchored in your role as a Pussy Priestess and your life is spacious enough to allow the time and space for it these days.


After you’ve nourished yourself with your favourite fresh breakfast, you open up your schedule for the day. You smile as you see in your Google Cal that you have a 1:1 with a client who lights up your soul to serve. Then an interview on a prestigious podcast where you’ll be confidently sharing about Vagina Awakening. In the evening you’re meeting a dear friend for dinner, you’ll be bringing your magic together, planning the Pussy Healing retreat you’re hosting together next year.


You breathe deeply into your Pussy. Place a hand on your womb and the other hand on your heart, and say a big thank you to your inner guidance for getting you to this point, where your work lights you up, your creativity has a channel and it’s being used to make a huge sacred impact in the world. Your life turns you on, you are a leader directed by the Divine, and your business and bank account is thriving.

Are you feeling this in your heart and Pussy? 

Here are some of the ways you will be able to support women on completion of this training…

You will learn how to take your clients on a life-changing journey where you assist them in breaking through the limiting patterns, conditioning, emotions and energy that keep them stuck. You’ll help them move past contraction and from living life disconnected from their power and spirit, into a life that flows, that is abundant, where they feel exquisitely “turned on”.


Your work as a Vagina Awakening practitioner will be focused on supporting women to awaken their vulva, vagina, cervix and womb. It’s likely that the content will relate to sexuality in some way, however, it’s important to understand that this awakening work extends beyond the lines of sex, pleasure, fertility and intimacy.


When you support a woman to connect to her hips, womb and pussy, you are making space for her to tap into her inner power and to carry out her life from this activated and healed place: Her choices and creations become infused with power. The way she mothers, loves, relates, acts, thinks, feels and moves will start to come from a place of inner empowerment.


When a woman has awakened her Pussy, she lives in a place of deep inner knowing, guided by the ancestral and primordial power within her. 


The sexuality channels of her body are in flow. She shows up in the world sharing authenticity, channelling her spirit, purpose and soul.


By choosing to say YES to this program, you will automatically go through the awakening and transformation process that you will go on to lead your clients on.


This program is as much about your own activation into leadership and inner empowerment as it is about learning the tools to support your clients.


The Vagina Awakening Practitioner Training has been developed after many years of study in various areas of expertise and is informed by a unique combination of coaching, somatic therapy, meditation, sacred sexuality, nervous system regulation, bodywork (specifically related to the pelvic bowl), movement, energy work, ritual and ceremony.

Here's a taste of what we'll cover in the curriculum...

The Foundations

(mind, body, emotions, energy, soul, spirit, sexuality)

 The education you need to not only understand but integrate and embody this work on a deep cellular level. We know that bringing science, spirit, somatics, mindset and energy together is fundamental to whole-being healing.

As you are guided through this part of the program you will be embarking on your own transformative journey. This is a space for you to become the woman who is alive, activated and awakened; in connection and reverence for the power of your Pussy.

Led by Grace Hazel and bonus guest expert teachers from the Vagina Awakening and Sacred Sexuality fields.

Learn the Tools and Techniques of the Vagina Awakening Practitioner 

This is where you will receive the blueprint for holding safe, trauma-informed space for your 1:1 clients, workshops, retreats and soul healing journeys.

We combine coaching, somatic therapy, meditation, movement, Pussy empowerment, energy awareness/healing, sacred space holding, bodywork (vulva, vagina, cervix, womb space), and more.)

Please note that this training does NOT teach you how to perform bodywork on your clients which requires additional advanced training.

You WILL be taught how to safely guide and teach your clients how to perform touch/bodywork on themselves.

In my experience, empowering women to perform self touch/bodywork can be just as, if not more profoundly healing than if a practitioner was offering the touch. You will be providing the keys to an autonomous and life long relationship with self and self healing.

Pussy Priestess Practice

You will go out into the world and practice! This part of the training is when you will be carrying out case studies, taking empowering assessments, and gaining real-life experience with clients. It’s our intention for you to hone your skills and become a confident practitioner within the support of the container.

During this time, you will be receiving powerful activations which will bring you into deep connection with your soul, so that you can become an authentic leader who leads with integrity.

Business and Wealth

Dive into all things business and wealth. We want you to make HUGE waves in the world and to empower as many Pussy owners as possible... All whilst enjoying a prosperous life in alignment with your soul.

This section of the program will support you to grow your business to as big as your soul knows it to be. This business program will cover the strategies needed to run a thriving and profitable business that is uniquely you and your vision. It will also dive deep into the importance of mindset, energetics and nervous system regulation so that you can build your work without self-sabotage, stress, hustle or sacrifice.

Led by Grace Hazel and additional guest expert teachers in the Soul Business field. 

Become the Wise Witch of the Womb...

the Pussy Priestess, the Vagina Whisperer, the Sacred Sexuality Healer (or whatever unique flavour you choose).

In this part of the program, we open up the space for regular Q&As / supervision / group coaching. This is where you’ll strengthen your intuition and growth on this path with the support of expert mentorship.

At this point, there will be opportunities to become an assistant/hold space as a paid support practitioner in the 2024 Vagina Awakening Practitioner Training.

The Vagina Awakening Practitioner Certification is for you if…

  • You are an intuitively-led, deep feeler who desires to empower people to awaken to their potential and live an embodied life full of pleasure, creativity, prosperity and intimacy
  • You want to lead with integrity, guiding women into liberation and empowerment

  • You know, feel and believe in spirit, soul and energy

  • You either have or desire to have a conscious and thriving business aligned with your soul's path

  • You understand that this work is about your personal evolution first and foremost. You are ready to face your fears, pierce through your limitations, take responsibility and move way past the lines of your comfort zone

  • Self-responsibility is your way (you’re done with blame and you outgrew victimhood years ago)

  • You want to actively participate in a movement and community that learns, grows, expands and embraces the power between their thighs
  • You are ready to step through the fear and anxiety of your limiting beliefs and boldly say YES to your vision, as you place your precious time and money in this container. You know that the act of hitting “pay” will support you to be held in a field of heightened energetic activation, which will immediately support opportunities to unfold and transform your world

  • You know that investing your beautiful money into this programs that will inspire, empower and elevate you brings growth in more ways than one to your life - hitting “pay” on this program will already get you feeling the expansion coming your way

Here's how to know if this program IS NOT a match for you right now...


  • You’re prone to passively consuming content, rather than engaging with it: flipping open your laptop to watch a recording of a group training, while chewing on your dinner, toggling between screens and then taking zero action is not going to lead to the results that you want

  • You have a tendency to blame, or regularly project your feelings onto other people, you make excuses and pull out of courses of programs at the sign of a challenge

  • You’re practical in your approach to life, you don’t believe in energy, or a higher consciousness such as spirit, the universe, or god

  • You need an abundance of worksheets and checklists and 1-2-3 steps to feel as though you’re growing or receiving value. Whilst this program is guided and holds structure for you to feel safe, your Pussy cannot be accessed from the head, your intuition is what guides you there  


What you'll receive when you sign up to the School of Vagina Awakening 12-month Certification Program...

  • 12 months of powerful live transmissions and learning playshops that will culminate in your graduation as a certified Vagina Awakening Practitioner

  • A LIVE business and wealth training that will support you to hit the ground running and actually get to live the life you envision (taught online by Grace Hazel and an expert guest teacher) 

  • A bi-weekly call with one of our support team members (if desired) 

  • 1:1 healing session with an expert in Womb Awakening

  • A curriculum that uniquely brings together science, spirit, somatics, mindset and energy (taught online by Grace Hazel and a team of expert guest teachers who specialise in the fields of sacred sexuality, vagina healing, leadership, business and wealth) 

  • The certification AND confidence needed to facilitate safe, impactful 1:1 sessions, workshops and retreats 

  • A personal journey of epic growth and awakening as you learn to fully access the power between your thighs 

  • Ample opportunity to practice, refine and develop your skills to ensure you come out of the program ready and empowered to share this work in the world 

  • Private Facebook community to support and enrich you in your healing and leadership journey 

  • 12 months access to the Vagina Awakening Online Studio

  • 12 months access to Your Business as BIG as Your Soul knows It to Be soul-business training 

(TOTAL VALUE: £25,000)

The actual investment? We desire this soul igniting work to reach far and wide! That’s why we’ve made the investment for this program less than half the price of it’s true value...


The Investment

Here’s where the magic of leaping into the version of YOU in your vision happens. This is where you take empowered action to live the life you see
in your visions NOW.


We desire you to pay for this 12-month certification program, feeling expansion and possibility running through your body!


If you know you're IN with a full body YES then the time is NOW!




one easy payment



£788 x 12

Plus £2500 deposit payable on enrolment


Hi you, I’m Grace Hazel

You might like to know a little more about me, the lady who’ll be guiding the main part of your Vagina Awakening Practitioner journey right?

You may already know me as the “Vagina Witch”. Or if not that, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with Vaginas, particularly supporting people to love their own. 

But it hasn’t always been that way.

Over a decade ago I was... 

  • Experiencing excruciating pain whenever I had sex
  • In hospitals with specialists looking at my vulva, putting me on intense meds to “get rid” of the pain
  • Googling “can I have a vagina transplant?” whilst crying in agony
  • Terrified of sex and intimacy; totally disconnected to the voice of my Pussy

That led me to…

  • Learn that my body was keeping a score of all the icky past I’d tried to sweep under the rug
  • Understand this pain was simply a way for my vagina to get my attention, so I could wake up and heal my relationship with my sexuality, which back then, was far from sacred
  • Face my fear and release all the emotional, spiritual and physical armour I held in my vagina
  • Study and certify as a practitioner in Psychosexual Somatics, the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Arts, Womb Awakening, and Pelvic Bowl Massage and Energy Healing
  • Teach and give vagina massage to 100s of clients, supporting them to release the armour that holds them back from living an intimately connected life
  • Guide 1000s of women worldwide to befriend their Pussy and elevate their relationship to their sexuality 

And that’s why I’ve created the Vagina Awakening Practitioner Training. Because providing you with a certification that’s anchored in integrity, safety and powerful healing is part of my soul's work.

I desire for everyone in the world who owns a Pussy to have a sacred and special relationship with her, because this is not just about pleasure, sex and relationships. This is about activating the innate wisdom of the feminine that we’ve been disconnected from for centuries... and spreading this far and wide into the collective. We are literally changing the world over here (one Pussy at a time).

Are you ready?



Enrol Now!

So what do you say?

By now, the only thing standing between you and your vision to lead women to form a spiritual and healing relationship with their vagina is to say YES.



one easy payment



£788 x 12

Plus £2500 deposit payable on enrolment


Join Vagina Awakening.
We begin on 4th January 


The Investment...?

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