1-1 Empowerment

What is Pussy Centred Healing?

In essence, Pussy Centred Healing is all about reclaiming your feminine power. Whatever your intention may be, I will be your guide to evolve and grow your relationship and communion with your body.

When we are cut off from our Pussy, we are cut off from our creativity, our sensuality, our vibrancy, our femininity, our confidence, our authenticity, our sexuality, and our deepest wisdom.

My wish for you is to tune into a rhythm of continuously finding yourself in all areas of your life. 

I can assist you with..

Understanding and relieving Pussy Pain

Releasing emotional Pussy baggage

Pleasure enhancement / discovering your pleasure potential

Redefining your experience of intimate connection with yourself and others

Tuning into your creativity through Pussy

Unlocking belief systems which hold you back from embodying your highest potential

Developing a deep and healing self pleasure practice

Getting to know your Pussy: anatomically, energetically and personally

Increasing the depth of your orgasm

Discovering your orgasm

Rituals for energetically letting go and releasing past sexual partners

Body acceptance / Embodying your body

Owning your desires 

Using the Power of your Pussy to create and manifest

and so much more..

More details

1-1 sessions are 60 mins via Skype. This means that wherever you are in the world, we can work together.  

If you would like to find out if I can assist in guiding you towards your empowerment, lets organise a free 10 minute consultation call where we can discuss your intention. 

What my clients said…

Grace was so tuned in to me from the word go. She was relaxed and funny and put my at ease straight away. She created a dialogue about such a personal issue that I was feeling a lot of vulnerability around and gave me language to talk about what I was experiencing. Grace allowed me to explore feelings and emotions from my past without getting too intellectual, it felt very intuitive, immediate and efficient. My vulva pain has now gone as a result of working with Grace.
— Camilla, UK
Thanks to Grace I went through the most intense and deep emotional clearing I have ever done. I was able to reach, acknowledge and release some of my deepest traumas, ancestral as well as personal. I could not have done this without her loving guidance and encouragement, holding space for me in a way that made me feel both safe and seen. I cannot recommend Grace and her work highly enough.
— Katja, UK
Grace is doing the work she was born to do. She holds a beautiful space, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Guidance throughout our session was clear, loving and grounded and I felt in very capable, safe and supportive hands which allowed deep healing to unfold. Grace used her strong intuition throughout the treatment which allowed the session to flow in a way that felt unique and tailored to me and my needs in each moment. It was a powerful session and I left feeling lighter and more grounded.
— Rebecca, UK
I went to see Grace as I was feeling really disconnected with myself, my sexuality and I was feeling really anxious in general. Grace made me feel very safe and grounded. She checked in with me during the whole process and made sure I was comfortable throughout. The days following our session I felt like a weight was lifted. I felt more connected to myself and like I’ve got my mojo back. I’m not worrying or holding as much anxiety as I was before. I would highly recommend going to see Grace if you’re feeling a little lost and disconnected to yourself. The session was an amazing experience and I will be returning to her for sure!
— Ashlee - New Zealand

Got questions? Please email me on hello@grace-hazel.com.